This page has undergone innumerable additions, deletions, reformats, and all manner of editing without ever looking critically at the whole project (duh). So, as I like to say about my scientific glassblowing, it may not be beautiful, but it's functional. Enjoy!

Color Selection
Popups - hex or decimal
Color Picker- great color chart!
Color Tester
- sep. test window!
Ian Graham's Color Tester - universal and extended colors!

Dynamic FX
DHTML Javascript

DHTML Javascripts
Dynamic Drive
DHTML Nirvana
Javascript Writer
Flash Kit a flash developer resource
Flashloaded excellent site for any aspect of using Flash
CoolFocus for both Flash and Java users
Advanced Effect Maker create Flash or JS effects with just a few mouse clicks.
ScriptSearch Flash archive  large selection of Flash animations, navigation
flash templates
Free Flash Templates


Character Sets
Web Development
HTML Quick Reference:
Visibone's great
Jim Burns' HTML
super overall resource!
Website Tips comprehensive site
"The webmaster's reference library" everything you could need..
Web Dev's Virtual Library tutorials and resources for every web language you could name
Freebie Directory search engine for free graphics, fonts, scripts, hosts, etc,
The Free Site similar to above, except that it's not limitd to web-related items!
WinPlanet Downloads all kinds of free software downloads for web page developers. Very well organized.  
HTML simply awesome
HTMLib Index every tag explained
HTML Reference Guide
Web Doctor great web analysis!
TechnoRealm great javascripts, graphics, buttons, lines, etc.
FrameMarketframes, animated gifs, tables, etc.
Animated Graphics
GIF Animation on the WWW
Animation Factory's Mediabuilder
Animated Gifs - The Web Developer's Journal
Animation Factory's MediaBuilder - Free Backgrounds, Clip Art, Web Elements, Animations and Online Tools
Animation Factory Presentations - Free PowerPoint Templates, Backgrounds, and 3D Clipart
Animation Library - Thousands of FREE Animations
MediaBuilder 3D Text Maker - Create Free 3D Banners for Your Web Pages!
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Intro to CSS Layout

W3C on CSS
CSS Anarchist's Cookbook
W3C on Style Sheets
"CSS" (book)
House of Style
W3Schools CSS Tutorial
W3Schools CSS Text Control
CSS Text Control Primer
CSS Text Control
CSS and Text
CSS Links
CSS Text Control Tutorial
Cascading Stylesheets Tutorial
CSS Tutorial #8
CSS Text Properties
CSS Text Code Tutorial
CSS Tutorial
Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Text Tutorial
Tutorial: CSS Positioning
CSS Styles Tutorial
CSS Tutorial: Fonts and Text
CSS and Text Tutorial
Controlling Text Appearance
Setting Text Attributes
CSS Image Text Wrap
CSS Introduction

Scripts -
Two excellent scripting utilities have been released! See the column to the right for details.

Java, Javascript
Javascript Core Guide Ver. 1.5
Visual JS Dev. Guide

JS Release 2  3  4
VisualJS Rel.3  Rel.4
- articles, applets, tutorials, news from DevX news, etc.
The Javascript Diaries 
on-line book on learning the JS language
Javascript 2 searches all top JS libraries, providing access to 9,000+ free JS programs. Extremely well done.

Doc Javascript large, well-indexed collection
Javascript Central
JavaScript Internet Source
JavaScript Kit  also includes tutorials and Java applets covers both Java and Javascript equally
Javascript Repository
Javascript Forum  ask a JS question, and you WILL get an answer!
JavaScript Resources
The Free Site  
ScriptSearch - Javascript  
ScriptSearch - JS Generators much better than you'd think!  
CodeHouse  free JS, articles, tools, etc.

Chinese Laws of Creativity and Wisdom
FRACTAL CHAOS: the Philosophy of Freedom and Self Determination
CHANCE AND CHOICE: a compendium of Ancient and Modern Wisdom Revealing the Meaning and Significance of the Myth of Science
PRIMASOUNDS: Discovery of Chakra Music
fractal images
Fractal Images by Sharon Webb
Fractal World Gallery
Fractal Images
Keith's Fractal Art
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Fractalizer´s fractal-pictures
Noel Gallery
Wyoming Web Design
Fractal Images (Aus.)
Synthetic Fractal Images


       New Scripting Tools!
Three different scripting utilities were just released! The first, Scriptaty, features not only a load of downloadable scripts of every type imaginable; there is also much education. Script, like the other, also is packed with free software, but even has fun rankings by users on most important, reliable, easiest to use, etc. Finally, "Cookie Nest" features applets, scripts, downloads, tutorials, and more!!
All three are available for free trials!


lists top 100 sites!
Graphics Collections
Flash, digital photog.
WWW Images Server
if you can't find it here...
Gif Animation on the WWW great, 3-part "how-to"  tutorial
Peer's Graphics buttons, lines, icons, etc.
The Photoshop Plug-ins Book 42 chapters, 4 appendices!
Graphics Resources from Website Tips...huge!
Anthony's Icon Library 
Ender Design: Realm Graphics Web Images 
great, huge, coordinated
Rutgers University Network Services WWW Icons and Logos
Web graphics, clipart, graphics software
super collection of links to all types of graphics
WWW Images Server 
Icons for Use in HTML Documents
Free Web Graphics 
black bkgrnds!   

Graphics Format Convertors
specialized & advanced
convert "avi" to "gif"

AVD Graphics Studio- EZ!
File Transit Inc. - Freeware, Shareware and Demo Software Downloads
Moochers:: Your home for Free Software on the 'net.
Magic Pic2Ani
Link sequences images to an animated file; Batch convert and unify images format such as convert all format images to 256 colors icons. Video format convert.

POV-Ray Images