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A Potpourri of Useful Reference Sites

quick reference
Acronym Database Indiana's famous database of every acronym related to chemistry that you could ever imagine!
Al's Notebook "a collection of commonly used experimental procedures and other interesting stuff for synthetic chemists" - extremely useful!
Azeotrope Database  provides data on most known azeotropes; just provide the components
Calculator Java Applet full function calculator
Cooling Baths any temp. you want, using about 50 combinations of salts/ice, solvent/dry ice, and solvent/liquid N2 - very handy!
Digital Nomograph accurately calculates new b.p. at any pressure
Drying Agents every drying agent in common use, along with its water capacity
Freezing Mixtures various salt-ice (water and dry) giving most temperatures ranges desired
Heating Baths mostly consists of melts of various types, including metal mixtures
Incompatible chemicals compounds that shouldn't contact each other
Javascript Graphing Calculator fill in data, and it shows you how eight common graphs look - great!
Kinetic Resolution   quickly calculates the e.e. possible using KR for compounds with different S values
MegaConverter 2 convert any unit to any other - very good
Optical Rotation Calculator enter the usual variables, and it provides the rotation.
Online Calculators & Conversion Tables just what it says...
Organic Chemistry Glossary particularly handy if you're new to organic; many freshman terms/concepts as well
Osiris Property Explorer draw a molecule and it calculates various drug variables: cLogP, solubility, druglikeness, drug-score, & toxicity risks!
Other Java applets four related to light emission/absorption, and four related to thermochemistry
pH Indicators very colorful table
Rotovap Simulator wondering if you can strip acetone from a compound whose b.p. is 180 °C?  Here's the answer; can accommodate two solutes
Solvent Miscibility Table what solvents are soluble in what
Synthesis Calculator 1.1 automagically calculates mmol, molar eq., etc. - very nice!
TOPNMR Online Demo  draw a molecule, and it predicts both its 1H and 13C NMR absorption values - really nice

Glassblowing  this is a very handy skill to have, since most university glassblowers are overworked and way behind schedule. It's also lots of fun!
Background and History of Glass and Glassblowing
Glassware Gallery along with pointers on how to prepare broken glassware so as not to annoy your local glassblower, there are several pointers about glassblowing:
Glassware Joints
Fritted Funnels
Gas Regulators
Heating Sources

Glass Working O
CR a textbook of nearly 200 pages from the Scribd site (kind of like Kindle). It's an old book but highly detailed and expert.
Introduction to Scientific Glassblowing a short (5 pg) article that summarizes tha area, but lacks the detail to do it without another resource.
Nine Glassblowing Projects these are a selection of scientific glassblowing skills needed for typical repairs - from making a small test tube to a condenser, complete with ring seals
Scientific Glassblowing Basics from East Carolina University, the best instructions I've ever seen on the art of scientific glassblowing, in sufficient detail to serve as a primary resource once someone has been shown the techniques. This is something you cannot learn only from a book!

The Scientific Glassblowing Learning Center
a new, really great site covering all the basics of sci. glassblowing. Sponsored by the Safety Emporium, a huge online source of safety equipment, this is one to bookmark unless you're already an expert.

News Sites
Canadian Society for Chemistry   the "Canadian ACS"
Chemistry.org  the official ACS home site - if you haven't seen it yet, now's the time.
ChemWeb   super news source, features databases, tools, books, breaking chemistry news, etc. (registration is free)
Chemical Institute of Canada   includes chem. engineers, technologists, etc.

Acid Dissociation Constants exactly what it says
Base Dissociation Constants exactly what it says
Chemical Dictionary great graphics as well as definitions
Data for General, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry 36 tables of data, w/thermochem., lattice E, DH, conversions, etc.
EROS Index the dearchable index to the Encyclopedia of Reagents in Organic Synthesis
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology the name says it all - from the ultimate source

Laboratory Tutorials a series of tutorials, very clear and easy to understand
Determination of Density
Determination of Melting Point
Filtering Techniques
Gravimetric Analysis
Index of Refraction
Qualitative Analysis
Selecting a Solvent
Using a Desiccator
Using a Spectronic 20 Spectrophotometer
Volumetric Analysis
Weighing Techniques

NMR Chemical Shifts, Carbon excellent compilation
NMR Chemical Shifts, Proton excellent compilation
NMR Solvent Peaks both 1H and 13C data
On-Line Databases and Software the Chemical Society's (UK) collection of >3000 links
Phosphine Ligands all you'd ever need to know (of course, it's short ;-)
Physical Constants every physical constant you've ever encountered, and many that you haven't
Physical Constants of Solvents including bp/mp, refractive index, dipole moment, dielectric constant, molar refraction
Properties and Toxicities of Organic Solvents bp, mp. density, soly in water, rel. polarity, flash pt., and LD50 values
Solvents for Chromatography features the physical constants from above, along with several specific to chromatography
Synthetic Pages - Practical Methods for Synthetic Chemists loads of submitted procedures - like a non-reviewed Org. Synth.
UIUC Chemistry Library Electronic Journals the entire holdings of UIUC chem. journals, with the years they have. 
Units, Basic pKb constants
Units, Derived  many constants derived from the pKb values

pKa Tables (most acidities determined in DMSO [by F.G. Bordwell at Northwestern]; many of the others in H2O):

Periodic Tables
Translators (on-line) the ones that are chemistry-specific are indented and marked with a blinking lightbulb  esp. good for you slackers who went to a grad. school that no longer requires proficiency in a foreign language .  It's a mistake, esp. if you're an organiker and don't know German.

AltaVista - BabelFish Translat
ions  can do a cut/pasted paragraph, or an entire web page (enter its URL)
Chemical Terms Translator common chemical terms rendered into French, German, Russian, and Japanese
IM_Translator very similar to BabelFish, maybe a few more languages
Langenberg  A COMPOSITE! Seven windows for pasted-in jobs, five for URLs, four for words, even two to guess the foreign language!
WorldLingo similar in operation to the above, but has lots more languages

German-English Dictionary by TU Chemnitz, has quite complete database of chemical terms and acronyms
Beilstein German-English Dictionary from Stanford University, specific for chemistry and chemical engineering
New English-German Dictionary one of the best!  Can be downloaded onto your own PC
QuickDic (I'm serious!)  this may be the best of them all

Search Engines, Collections of Search Engines, etc.

Analytical Chemistry Springboard from Umea University, an extremely diverse link collection dealing with analyt. chem.
  locates chemical suppliers, allows side-by-side comparison of different catalog listings - really useful
ChemConnect  broker connecting sellers & buyers; these folks typically deal in very large quantities.
ChemExper  Internat'l. chemical locater; database, including >100,000 chemicals, can be searched by substructure, formula, CAS #, name, etc.
ChemFinder provides physical data, sources, health info, OSHA regs, and much more

Chemical and Physical Properties   great utility for finding reference books for any physical/chemical properties you could imagine
Chemical Databases Chemistry   very nice collection of link libraries for all areas of chemistry
ChemIDplus Chemical Search Input Page National Library of Medicine
Chemistry Internet Resources: LSU Webliography link to web sites for chemical data, esp. fullerenes, pesticides, and phys. properties
Chemistry Journal Abbreviations all of the CAS abbreviations for any journal you're likely to encounter
ChemService  supplier of analytical samples and small quantities of organic chemicals; special interest in pesticides and metabolites
ChemSources   the best known locater for chemicals of any kind, world-wide.
Chemical Suppliers Directory companies providing products and services for drug discovery - over 3000 rare organic chemicals for R&D
ChemSpy  another great WWW search tool; this one includes portals, tutorials - even the latest news!
ChemWeb incredible site; free membership gives access to hundreds of journals (incl. back issues), databases, software, much more. Great deal!!
Chirbase a database for chiral separations by chromatography (HPLC, SFC)
Classic Chemistry many papers of historical interest
Dissociation Constants of Acids and Bases features over 600 organic compounds
EROS (Encycl. of Reagents for Organic Synthesis) index to the 12-vol. set - really useful, if you have access to the database
EROS Index digital, searchable index to EROS
European Patent Office, The  network of patent databases, covering 30M documents
Jinno Laboratory Research Information research information on LC, SFC, PAHs, and Drug/Pesticide databases
Library of Chemistry Information - FDA links for databases, food chemistry, journals/conferences, software, lab equip., etc.
Manage PowerPoint Presentations from Univ. of Manchester, very good outline
National Library of Medicine Gateway enables simultaneous searching of eight large databases in the biomedical field
NetSci  an on-line publication which features scientific focus articles and resources in pharmaceutical/biotech areas
NIST Chemistry WebBook   Database of thermochemical, thermophysical, and ion energetics data compiled by NIST
Ovid gateway to many search engines
Paperchase search five medical databases at once: MedLine, HealthStar, AidsLine, CancerLit, OldMedLine
Patents - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  can search for both issued and applied for patents, incl. full-text
PubMed   MedLine, the best medical literature database around - FAST
Sci-Info Information Resource Guide    long list of chemistry books, with call no.'s, a few of which are on-line
Scirus  science-specific search engine, replacing BioMedNet.com; searches 120M web pages from free and journal sources - excellent
SINTEF a Norwegian consulting/research firm, with expertise in many chemical areas, from catalysis to synthetic organic chemistry
Tetrahedron.info  very useful; primarily from the Tetrahedron trio of journals
Trinity University Chemiinformatics Site much web info, software, "Best of the Chem Web", chemgrad programs, etc.
Univ. of Illinois-Chicago "Electronic Reference Shelf" has links to Med line, Merck Manual, MayoClinic, Gray's Anatomy, etc.
WebReactions a reaction search retrieval system - takes just a little learning, but then it's powerful
WWW Chemicals on CHEM.COM  search catalogs (and find co.s' homepages) by name or substructure, find equipment, find custom synthesis, etc.

General Links to Journals and Databases

[for links to specific journals, see Chemistry Journals]
ACS Publications American Chemical Society
Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) just what it says!
Chemistry Journals  since 1995, one of the world's most comprehensive, link-checked lists of internet-linked chemistry-related journals.
Delphion Intellectual Property Network US Patents
Elsevier Science journals Organic Chemistry (the "Tetrahedron trio")
Europe's Network of Patent Databases EP & WO 
Kluwer Online Kluwer Online Gateway
RSC Journals Royal Society of Chemistry
ScienceDirect WebEdition Journals
Thieme Chemistry Thieme  (Synthesis, Synlett)
Wiley-InterScience Chemistry Journals
UdeM's list of Online Journals

A Variety of Organic Links, including Course Materials

Molecules of the Month

Electronic Conferences on Trends in Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry



Group Meeting Presentations very good research group meetings often feature presentations by graduate students on an important topic in organic chemistry. Here are several group sites with excellent presentations, presented as pdf files.
MacMillan Group (Princeton)
Denmark Group (Illinois)
Baran Group (Scripps)
Fukuyama Group (Tokyo)
Synthesis Literacy Group (Columbia; several groups)

Beginners' Guide to Organic Synthesis very basic intro to the concepts of conceiving an organic synthesis
Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics free molecular and reaction modeling
ChemVis chemical visualization on the internet
CIRRUS  an undergraduate chemical research resource
Gordon Research Conferences Home Page the best conferences around - Prof. Hans Reich, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Molecular Diversity, Combinatorial Chemistry, and Solid Phase Synthesis from CSPS Pharmaceuticals
Name Reaction List   very nice, color coordinated, from MonomerChem
Name Reactions from the Merck Index, of of the best such lists around
Named Reactions  Prof. Hans Reich, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Named Rules and Effects   very handy - Prof. Hans Reich, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Organic Chemistry Directory great collection by Prof. Steve Murov at Modesto Junior College
Organic Chemistry - Directory of Online Resources   list of useful links
Organic Chemistry Forum the organic part of ChemWeb (section 2, above) - fantastic site
Organic Chemistry Info undiscovered treasure! - Prof. Hans Reich, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide an intuitive WWW resource guide for synthetic organic chemists - maybe the best
Organic Chemistry Text On Line Prof. William Reusch - magnificent!
Organic Division Info from the ACS division - covers rxns., nomenclature, cmpds., NMR
Organic Synthesis Exploration Tool (OSET)  applet-based synthetic disconnection tool - very good, esp. for a  Windows-based program
Organometallic HyperTextBook Index, The a really great resource - readable and rigorous
Other Organic Chemistry Resources a gathering of resources from other sites, most of which are included in this compilation
Pericyclic and other Orbital Symmetry-Controlled Reactions orbital symmetry, Woodward-Hoffman, electrocyclic/sigmatropic rxns.
Phosphine Ligands a short listing of typical phosphine ligands used in asymmetric catalysis
Reactive Intermediates listing by Prof. Hans Reich of the common types of reactive intermediates
Synthesis Reviews Database  a database of over 15,000 review articles of interest to synthetic organic chemists.
St Hugh's College Organic Chemistry Weba great comprehensive site
Tetrahedron.info  free access to TOC and abstracts for all five Elsevier journal
TORVS chemical internet services an incredible number of free computational services, from calc. & visualization of orbitals to modeling applications
Web-sters Organic Chemistry a "Living Document of Internet Resources", Information and Applications

Chemical/Lab Equipment Suppliers' Catalogs [all links open in new tabs/pages]


Organic Chemistry Course Materials

Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthesis of Complex Molecules (Harvard):
Prof. Andy Myers teaches two course with the above title, and has made available his multipage handouts for each course, covering nearly 30 topics. One course is undergraduate; one is for graduate students.

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Problems a tremendous problem set from Prof. David Evans (Harvard). It's huge (936 problems), diverse (both elementary and advanced) and can be specifically searched for problem type.

PSIgate Chemistry Gateway links to hundreds of 31 handouts, databases, course homepages, lecture notes, tutorials, etc. - very complete

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry - Imperial College includes the following:

Chemo-informatics (Henry Rzepa)
Organic Molecular Modelling (Henry Rzepa)
Carbohydrate Chemistry  (Tony Barrett)
Advanced Synthesis  (Tony Barrett) (here are their Final Exam targets!)
Organic Pericyclic Reactions (Henry Rzepa)
Mechanism Problem Sets   (Henry Rzepa)
Third Year Lab Course (great - from Sonogashira Coupling to Cat. Asymm. Dihydrox. to Advanced. Modeling)

Virtual Chemistry - Virtual Laboratory - Oxford super site - worth a look around!

O=CHem Directory -from Univ. of S. Maine with tutorials on every topic, with interactive exercises and quizzes - great!

General Spectroscopy, IR, NMR

Analytical Chemistry Springboard, The   Umea Univ. (Sweden) collection of analytical links, to both techniques and data resources
Beer's Law - Theoretical Principles  from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK) -a great discussion of this important aspect of chromatography
Chemical Concepts   "sophisticated spectroscopic software" coordinating >660,000 spectra (world's largest!)
Chromatography - Introductory theory
    from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK) - a nice tutorial on the basics of chromatography

CLOGP Predictor
calculation of hydrophobicity as Log P (o/w)
EuroSpec - International Spectroscopic Data Bank not really off the ground yet, but their graphics are great!
Gas Chromatography from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK) - nice tutorial
Integrated Spectral Data Base System (SDBS) the great Japanese site to which others only aspire - spectra from a HUGE database
Molecular Monte Carlo Home Page a great site if you're interested in Monte Carlo methods, from classical to quantum mechanical
Molecules Help Page also from Purdue, everything you wanted to know about moleclues
Online Guide to Chiral HPLC very good primer from Mark Earll's web page; Earll is an analytcal chemist.
Organic Structure Elucidation"A Workbook of Unknowns"
SpectroscopyNOW The New Online Resource Serving the Spectroscopy Community
OSIRIS Property Explorer predicts molecular properties, incl.cLogP, toxicity, sol'y., MW, drug likeness (fragment-based and overall)
Solutions Help Page from Purdue, everything you wanted to know about solutions, along with a nice chemistry glossary
Spectra OnLine not quite as large as the Japanese site, but fast and still very large database
Spectroscopy Home  from UIC, very good synopses of the major types of spectroscopy, along with self-tests and problems.  Great review.
Spectroscopy ResourcesChemical Institute of Canada -very diverse, w/hypertexts, journals, databases, abstracts, software, research groups, societies
Spectroscopy Tools Online Univ. of Pottsdam, incl. pgs. w/shift tables (H,B,C,N,O,F,P), J values, periodic table, NMR solvents, etc.
TOPNMR demo of on-line prediction of 1H and 13C NMR shift data
UV-Vis Absorption Spectroscopy - Theory another great tutorial from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK), this time on UV-vis spectrophotometer

Infrared Spectroscopy
Animated Infrared Spectroscopy shows each functional group as it interacts with radiation of an appropriate wavelength
Basic Infrared Spectroscopy   from UIC's site - great background and many worked problems
FTIRSearch  huge database, very high quality spectra
Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy - Theoretical Principles   from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK) - nice tutorial
Infrared Spectroscopy   from Prof. Reusch's excellent on-line organic textbook, a superb overview of IR.
Infrared Spectroscopy  from Worchester Polytech., great background and an exhaustive table of absorption
Infrared Spectroscopy   excellent, rigorous treatment from Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis
Infrared Spectroscopy for Organic Chemists web great resource list
Infrared Spectroscopy Outline   from Central CT College, very complete treatment
The NIST Quantitative Infrared Database very good; just was it says!
Spectroscopy Now!  Section on IR spectroscopy
SeparationsNOW.com the new online resource serving the separations community
WebSpectra great problems in NMR and IR spectroscopy

NMR Spectroscopy
NMR Information Server links to worldwide NMR facilities, journals, meetings, organizations, software, instrument vendors, etc.
NMR Web Directory  large, well-indexed directory to NMR sites; subtitles are NMR hardware, software, data Tx, simulation, databases, etc.
Basic Anasazi Proton NMR Tutorial for the venerable Varian/Anasazi T-60. Assumes you are have NUTS (download).
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance very good introductory site; very well illustrated
Chem Tutor (N.M.R. Tutorial) free, downloadable NMR tutorial from Univ. of Pittsburgh
1H NMR Intrepretation Tutorial  short, concise, basic proton NMR tutorial from Wake Forest Univ. - highly recommended for beginners!
NMR Basics mainly concerned with the mechanics of sample preparation and spectral acquisition - really nice
NMR Solvents  NMR absorption data for 15 NMR solvents: MW, b.p.,  of water, as well as for the 1H and 12C in the solvents.
NMR Spectroscopy - Theory from Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK) - nice tutorial
NMR Tutor II Using Java Applets & Chime   combo of examples & problems, varying difficulty, very nicely presented
NMR Tutorial on Obtaining a Spectrum detailed, stepwise tutorial on the practical aspects of sample prep. and spectral acquisition
Applications of 1H NMR spectroscopy great tutorial from Univ. of Pottsdam, assumes working knowledge of NMR
2D NMR Spectroscopy excellent - very visual site introduces 2D pulse sequences and shows how they affect NMR spectra - in French
Guide to nOe Experiments short, concise description of the theory of nOe enhancement
WWW NMR Spectrometer simulates NMR spectra in real time
Technical NMR Tidbits  from Acorn NMR; great collection of short documents &/or illustrations of basic NMR concepts & practices.
NMR Spectroscopy - Theoretical principles Sheffield-Hallam Univ. (UK)

Chemical Shift Correlations [from Prof. Hans Reich (Univ. Wisconsin Madison)]

Visual Quantum Mechanics  great site to explore if you don't get the concepts of quantum mechanics

A Collection of General Reference Sites

Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biology, etc.

NOTE: For more complete listings under these headings, be sure to check out the link libraries devoted specifically to these disciplines, collected under the title "Medicine & Medical Sciences Hub" .

Cell Biology Animation you name it, he's got a Flash animation - also covers architectural art, graphics, "3D", stochastic, etc.
Bio materials Network  resource center for anyone working with biological materials - links, conferences, leading references, etc., etc.
Drugs.Com  a very complete, huge database on Rx and OTC drugs of all kinds
Elsevier's Drug Discovery Gateway on BioMedNet just what it says - excellent resource!
First Course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics complete, well-referenced and illustrated on-line course
Fundamentals of Drug Action - Stereochemistry nice collection of graphics/data on the effects of chirality of biological action
Intermolecular Forces a very good review; yes, you do need to review this!!
Introduction to Drug Action  from the virtual ChemBook - a great introduction to the concepts of xenobiotics and how the body deals with them
Medical Pharmacology great, on-line book - check it out; you'll be amazed at its depth and excellent graphics
Medicinal and Poisonous Plant Databases databases covering poisonous plants, medicinal plants, and mistletoe (!)
Merck Manual, The the time-honored text of diseases, their etiology, course, Tx, etc.
Metabolism Overview includes cell structure, ATP, glycolysis, electron transport, energy transfer in cells, the important biochemical cycles, etc.
On-Line Biology Book a complete, 59 chapter, well illustrated book on basic biology
Pharmacokinetics a very cool collection of graphics and javascript programs illustrating drug distribution, absorption, excretion, metabolism, etc.
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics course home page from Univ. of OK College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Databases on the WWW lots of links on all aspects of pharmacy, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, etc.
Principles of Drug Action fnc. grps., acid-base chemistry, and physicochemical propeties
RxList easily the best all-around site for drug information, incl. indications, uses, clinical pharm., overdoses, side-effects, etc.
Virtual Autopsy, The just what it sounds like - try it; you'll like it!

Looking for Graduate School? A Job?

Synthetic Chemistry
Academic Chemistry Departments in the United States complete listing
Academic Chemistry Departments Outside the US just what it says
Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend a great open book on mentoring students in science and engineering
Chemical Society's Conferences/Events Homepage search by discipline, avail. time, organizer, etc
Chemistry Conferences the source for them all - conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs
Organic Synthetic Groups in Canada  quite complete, maintained by the same chemist who does the US list
Organometallic Research Groups  covers N. America
Pharmaceutical Companies a listing of the top several dozen pharmas, along with their primary web sites
Synthetic Research Groups - USA virtually every synthetic organic group in the country. Continually updated.
What to do with a Major in Chemistry
in case you forget why you're putting yourself through all this!

Medicinal Chemistry
Academic and Government Medicinal Chemistry Sites lists the best programs in the country, both in academia and government
ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry under "Links", lists the 20-30 strongest graduate programs
Anita's Web Picks eclectic, but comprehensive selection of graduate programs, databases, computational sites, etc. in medicinal chem.
Grad. Schools.com a nicely organized site; you can click on the state(s) you're interested in; other listings are also linked
Medicinal Chemistry in IUPAC Accomplishments During the Past Decade and Relationships With Industry.
Medicinal Chemistry in the New Millennium from Chemistry International

Related Discipline
Online Engineering Degree Search 240+ Top Online Engineering Degrees - "a nonprofit online resource created to explain to students their options and some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting an online engineering degree."
Top Master of Project Management Degrees a clearinghouse for those interested in a career that includes project management.
Other Cool Sites from VCU, a large listing of medicinal links, including academic programs, industrial sites, online courses, computational links, etc.

Safety (including MSDS sites), Ethics

10th Report on Carcinogens NIH's periodical review of the state of carcinogenesis
ATSDR's HazDat Database front end to the hazardous substance release and health effects database
CCINFOweb Canadian safety site; databases include CHEMINFO (safety data), OSH (worldwide safety lit.), legislation, etc.
Chemist's Code of Conduct from ACS, a description of chemists' responsibilities towards all parties
Emergency Response Guidebook from Transport Canada, a complete response handbook - great job
Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research - ACS (pdf) self-explanatory
Ethics OnLine "The OnLine Ethics Center for Engineering and Science" - super, large, complete site with many links
Hazardous Chemical Database Univ. of Akron site; each "hit" provides large, four-screen safety profile
IPCS INCHEM  chemical safety data - includes great "chem. safety cards", health/safety guides, antidote data, much more
MDL Information Systems - Downloads includes the Drug Data Report, Toxicity Finder, and other health/safety-related items
Oxford University's Safety Site amazing site, incl. buffers,carcinogens, MSDS, peroxides, flash points, gloves, gases, much more
Poisons Information Monographs V from IPCS, covers hundreds of chemicals
Prudent Practices in the Laboratory Table of Contents - 1995
RTECS Database Search Engine CCINFOweb's RTECS search engine

Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets from Kansas State Univ.
MSDS/HazCom Library, The commercial site (wants to sell you a CD), but has search engine for MSDS location
National MSDS Repository, The comprehensive, much more than MSDS info
Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection links to chem. manuf. sites, in add'n. to their own collection
Where to find MSDS on the Internet ILPI's #1 MSDS site - many links to safety, chem. co., pesticide, & other sites
University of Kentucky
National Toxicology Program
OSHA chemical properties and sampling

Becoming a Better Scientific Writer and Speaker

ACS Style Guide *THE* Manual for Authors and Editors of chemical communication of all kinds
ACS Handbook for Speakers everything you could ever want to know, and then some
APA Style Guide
the format used by ACS
Citing Your Sources - Citation Style Guides  great resource from Wright State Univ.
Effective Presentations from KU Medical Center, a very complete and comprehensive primer on giving a dynamite talk
Guidelines for Hosting an ACS Meeting from ACS
Language Help Pages guidelines for scientific presentations
Oral Skills a very good outline on honing the oral skills all scientists must have
Poster Preparation Guidelines from Univ. of Chicago
Style Manuals  a selection of various style guides
Tips for Giving Scientific Presentations a short, but very useful link list for web resources on giving the best talk you possibly can
Tips for Preparing Scientific Presentations from a scientist in the military, very well thought out

"How To" Series from Kansas Med. School
Preparing Effective Oral Presentations 21pp - everything from initial plan to handling questions
Designing Effective Visuals  26pp - the best summary around, clearly gleaned from lots of experience
Designing Effective Posters  29pp - as good as the first two - from visuals to measurements to how not to do dumb things, etc.

Journal Abbreviations
Journal Titles and Abbreviations  all sciences; from Univ. of Brit. Columbia
Core Journals Covered in CAplus  from Chem. Abstracts
ISI Master Journal List  searchable as well as an alphabetical listing
LinkOut  a list of PubMed journals

Acronym Database  scientific acronyms; from I.U., it's informative and fun
NIST Acronyms and Abbreviations   from the physics laboratory
Acronym Finder  comprehensive database of >314,000 acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. Not just scientific!
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms  from the Space, Science, and Engineering Center at Univ. of WI

Fun Stuff, Diversions, and other Great Sites

"The Elements" Song (Lehrer), animated! if you've never heard this before (or even if you have), you must see the animation!!
QuackWatch  from a now-retired psychiatrist who grew sick of quacks, questionable product claims, etc. Check it out - but watch out for his very black/white thinking (such as categorizing acupuncture as quackery).
Glassblowing Tips from E. Carolina Univ., a nice collection of data about scientific glassblowing, glass recipies, tools, torches/burners, etc.
Glasstopia cool site; the link is to award-winning entries(non-scientific), some of which are breathtaking!
Scientific Glassblowing Basics from the ECU page; this covers every task you'd need, from cutting/bending glass to ring and vacuum seals
Science Jokes from The Netherlands - some great, some awful
Innocentive feeling creative? A series of compounds for which synthetic sequences are being solicited - they pay between $5K and $75
AFU & Urban Legends Archive  awesome collection
Chemistry of How Things Work, The really fascinating collection of case studies from cancer chemotherapy to Gatorade to fuel cells
"Chem 211 Songs" from "Grignard the Beautiful" to "Glory, Glory It's Wolff-Kischer", a bunch of cute tunes on important chemical events
Nanotube Site, The just super
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project the results of testing the venerable food item in every way imaginable, esp. its legendary longevity
The Onion|America's Finest News Source if you haven't checked The Onion, you don't have the whole story!
Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device even after you see this, you still won't be sure if this guy's for real - I still can't decide
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index! the best political cartoon site anywhere - super subject index!
OXYmoron Humour Archive: Scientific Articles what every scientist must read to stay informed of the latest important developments
University of Slough - Department of Perpetual Motion and you thought this was impossible!!
Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names great comic relief!
Straight Dope, The Cecil Adams answers those questions nagging mankind but whose answers have proven so elusive..