Traveling with Chronic Illness

Traveling is a stressful experience in the best of circumstances. Those with chronic illness must make special preparations to minimize the discomfort of traveling. The following links incorporate a few very useful resources for the traveler with a chronic illness, especially CRPS and similar diseases.

Airports and Special Needs Travel: A Complete Guide a very good outline of negotiating airports for people with special needs. Includes directories of airports with special needs facilities, as well as links to other resources for the traveler with unique health requirements.

Be Prepared Before You Go - Pain & Travel Checklist - "Being prepared before you go is always a good rule of thumb, and can help you be safe and foresee and avoid problems. Advanced planning can also help you ease the stress and physical strain of traveling — both of which can make the pain worse." A two-page checklist. (pdf)

Be Prepared Before You Go - Your Personal "Less Pain" Travel Kit - " Many people living with pain say it’s a big comfort to pack a painreducing bag of tricks – things you know have worked to keep your pain at bay. Next time you travel, think about what items can help ease your pain." A one-page checklist. (pdf)

The Essential Guide to Traveling with a Medical Condition - a large, 5-chapter, comprehensive guide to traveling with an illness.

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes - from WebMD. Although specifically for diabetics, most of this information is applicable for anyone traveling with a severe illness, especially if they need to travel with many medications.

Ultimate Travel Insurance & Disabilities Guide - as this excellent guide from Down Under says, "Holidaying with a disability can come with some challenges, but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring and seeing the sites, It might just take a little bit of extra planning to get you there."

Your Pain and Travel Guide - How To Plan Before You Go - from PainSafe, an excellent, 24-page booklet on preparing for and enduring travel of any kind. Very thorough and well-researched. (pdf)