Recent Reviews in the Medical Literature

Anyone who has ever done much library research knows that good review articles are gold mines, in which an author, hopefully (and usually) an expert who knows the field well, critically reviews a large number of research papers - often many hundred - then summarizes the important findings while referring to the primary literature upon which the review is based.

Do not judge a review by its length or date of publication (within reason)! Authors vary widely in being able to write concise, terse prose. Also, some fields do not progress so rapidly that a review that's, say, five years old is not necessarily out of date.

Despite (hopefully) rigorous peer-reviewing and tight editorial control of scientific journals, papers of less-than-ideal quality are published all the time. I've read through every paper listed below, long before considering them for a web page, and stand behind their quality and scientific rigor.

Year Length Title
2013 4 pp Chronic Pain - The Dana Guide although short, this is a very nice summary of the types of pain, what causes them, etc. Perfect for the beginner.
2013 163 pp CRPS 1 Guidelines a very comprehensive monograph by a group of Dutch and other physicians
2013 26 pp CRPS 1 Guidelines - Patient Version extremely abstracted from the document cited above. I wouldn't bother unless you're unusually naive when it comes to medical and scientific terms.
2013 50 pp Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Practical Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines, 4th Edition a large, multi-author review that's about as current as we can get
2013 16 pp Treatment of complex regional pain syndrome in adults: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials published from June 2000 to February 2012 just what it says - a large, systematic, 12-year review of the various Tx tried on CRPS during this time period
2013 11 pp Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: a review from the European Journal of Hand Surgery, a comprehensive review with excellent graphics
2013 4 pp Multidisciplinary pain management programs a short but concise guide to the multidisciplinary so important to success, including psychotherapy, physical therapy, and other areas omitted by many other programs
2013 42 pp Opioids in Chronic Noncancer Pain a very good, opioid-positive review of the use of opioids for noncancer pain, which has been a point of contention between physicians for decades
2012 6pp Neuropathic pain: aetiology, symptoms, mechanisms, and management an excellent explanation of neuropathic pain, its etiology, Tx, etc. Great color diagrams. Definitely understanable by an informed layperson"
2012 15pp
Efficacy and Safety of Ketamine in Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - A Systematic Review an excellent, exhaustive review of the state of the science as it existed when the revfiew was written.
2011 11pp
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - What's in a Name? fascinating paper that traces the evolution of names for CRPS, including what effect(s) inaccurate names might have on treat protocols and research.
2010 78pp
ACPA Consumer Guide to Pain Medication and Treatment everything you need to know about drugs of all kinds
(An) Update on the Pathophysiology of CRPS a review on CRPS' elusive pathophysiology, by one of the foremost researchers in the field, Dr. Stephen Bruehl.
EFNS Guidelines on the Pharmacological Treatment of Neuropathic Pain published in 2010, this updates the 2005 review on the same topic
Evidence-Based Guidelines for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I review on the multidisciplinary treatment of CRPS Type I
2009 5pp
Bisphosphonates for the Therapy of CRPS I reviews the use of bisphosphonates (alendronate, clondronate, pamidronate) for treating the osteoporosis and its associated pain that often occur with CRPS.
2009 14pp Current Understandings on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome by researchers in the Netherlands, this review covers the etiology and mechanism of CRPS, including psychological factors.
2009 9pp
EFNS Guidedlines on Neuropathic Pain Assessment: Revised 2009 a review of the various ways practitioners use to try and measure the intensity of chronic pain patients' pain levels
2009 190pp
Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain of Neuropathic and Ischæmic Origin: Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation an amazing, exhaustive review (prepared in the UK) that summarizes and analyzes over 6000 citations. Must be perused to be appreciated.
2009 6pp
(A) Web-Based Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Survey of CRPS an excellent, large (888 valid respondents) surveycovering many aspects of CRPS etiology, epidemiology, and other useful, hard-to-find data
2008 32pp
Guidelines on the Management of Neuropathic Pain published by the Irish group "The Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team (CREST)"
2008 6pp
Pharmacotherapy for Treatment of CRPS - A Review a concise, well-organized review of the drug therapy most widely used during the time. [It's unreal how much things change in three years!]
2004 135pp A Clinical Guide to Opioid Analgesia technical, highly professional handbook for any users/prescribers of opioids. NOTE: This ENTIRE BOOK is also available at no cost at from the great site!