Pain Researchers and Clinicians

A. Vania Apkarian Cortical Representation of Pain

Hugh Allen - Palm Pilots in Pain Management

Lars Arendt-Nielsen - Muscle Pain and Motor Control

Murat Aydede Bibliography of Philosophical Pain Literature

D.A. Bakal - Headache, Chronic Pain

Gary J. Bennett - Neuropathic Pain

Dee Burrows - Nursing Research Page

Nigel Bush - Quality of Life and Cancer Related Pain

Dan Cherkin - Epidemiology of Pain and Pain Interventions

Eric Chudler - CNS Mechanisms

Robert Coghill - Brain Imagery

David Cundiff - Cancer Pain and Terminal Illness

T.J. Coderre - Neural Mechanisms and Neuronal Plasticity

Raymond Dionne NIH-NIDR Clinical Pharmacology Studies

A.W. Duggan - Neuropeptides and the Suppression of Pain

Gary Duncan - Pain and the CNS

Andrew Elizaga: Illustrated Regional Anesthestics and Pain

Howard Fields - Neural Circuitry Underlying Pain Modulation

G. Allen Finley - Pediatric Pain

Richard H. Gracely - Pain Measurement

Donna Hammond - Neuropharmacology

Dan R. Kenshalo, Jr NIH-NIDR Behavioral & Neuronal Correlates

Arthur Lipman - Pharmacy

Joseph LeDoux - Emotion and Pain

Horace Loh - Neuropharmacology

Steven Maier - Learned Helplessness, Psychoneuroimmunology

Patrick McGrath - Pediatric Pain

Vjekoslav Miletic - Neural Circuitry of Nociception

John D. Loeser - Chronic Pain

Wolfgang Miltner - Cortical Representations of Pain

Gayle Page - Immune Function, Perioperative Pain

Jose Ochoa - Pathophysiology of Pain

Richard Patt: MD Anderson Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Richard Payne: MD Anderson Pain and Symptom Management

Frank Porreca: Opioid Mechanisms, Neuroplasticity

Edward Perl - Specificity in Neural Processing

Don Ramsey - What is Pain?

William J. Roberts - Mechanisms of Chronic Pain

Gary B. Rollman - Pain Measurement and Control

Ehrenfried Schindler - Anesthesia and Pain Resources on the Internet

Michael Von Korff - Epidemiology of Chronic Pain, Health Services

Linda R. Watkins - Pain Modulation Systems

Lukas Radbruch: Pain Clinic, University of Cologne

Tony Yaksh - Neuropharmacology

Robert Zachariae - Experimental Pain Research