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In the majority of web sites, the notation on privacy typically assures visitors that none of their personal information, including e-mail addresses and the like, will ever be shared with any other party without permission.

For a long time, in the site's guestbook, I did not ask for visitors' email addresses as a matter of policy. However, a great many remarks from visitors are clearly seeking an answer - one that I can probably help them find, or at least point them in the right direction. So, you are now asked for your email address. But, if you choose not to fill this in, it will not affect your ability to leave a note in the guestbook, and I hope you will.

I do not keep a log of visitors' email addresses, and as soon as I reply, if I choose to, the email is destroyed. The obvious exception is the list whose members receive the monthly newsletter links; however, this information is not stored on the RSD site server so is inaccessible by hackers. You CAN trust me on this - three years ago, my identity was stolen to the tune of $12,000. You can bet I've got your back.

I will continue to guard the individual privacy of every visitor to my site at all times. If you ever feel that something is not right with the web site, in any way, please contact me right away!