Any of you folks who have been around this site for awhile know that a specific site being chosen to highlight is extremely unusual. In the current case, the site is so crammed with great parts that I wanted to highlight some of its main attractions. Click here to get there.

Section (& link)
Headings: acupuncture, massage, spinal manipulation, Tai Chi, yoga, etc.
Headings: SCS, IDDS (intraspinal drug delivery systems), prevention of problems, FAQ.
Headings: Non-Opioids, Opioids

Each Heading is Linked to its source article:

APF is creating a collaborative alliance of consumer and professional organizations with an interest in patient safety and access to appropriate pain care. This collaborative alliance will help build consensus and create best practices to promote the safe use of pain management therapies that improve quality of life and ease suffering.
Superlative section, mainly an organized collection of dozens of links, under such sub--headings as dispo. resources, family resources, tools, and then the same headings under "Health Professionals".