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Volume VI, No. 11: November, 2016 - A Monthly Newsletter Summarizing Current CRPS/RSD Research
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Hello, and welcome to this month's issue of the Newsletter, which each month brings you selections from the latest research results in the related fields of complex regional pain syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and the pain components of such illnesses as cancer, peripheral neuropathy, phantom limb pain, diabetic neuropathy, certain types of headaches, etc.

This month's art selection is called "How Are You?", by Helen Harley of Dorchester, UK (crayons on watercolor paper; 11.6x8.3"). She writes "...a question which is asked all the time when you are a chronic pain sufferer. One has the choice of sharing far too much with people, or just saying 'not too bad' or something similar..."
Note: Every newsletter features an image from the Pain Exhibit, "an educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain with their art expressing some facet of the pain experience." (As always, please click on the image to see the full-sized original in a new tab/window.) I appreciate that these images are supplied by the artists at no charge.

The PowerPoint presentation this month is called "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" - a good summary of CRPS, its etiology, treatment, and many other aspects.

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Please let me know if you have suggestions, corrections, effusive praise, or want to tell me anything else! I'm particularly interested in suggestions for new CRPS-related topics that I may not have covered or even touched on. Please don't feel weird about suggesting new ideas to me - I'm just one CRPS patient, and I'm grateful for any help in identifying new avenues of hope for our community.

Webmaster, Researcher, Writer, Editor, (& responsible for all errors).
Excellent Powerpoint Presentation!
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
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A monthly feature! what are these?
For common medical abbreviations, like Dx, Rx, Tx, etc. please look here.
The most common ones are Rx = prescription; Dx = diagnosis; and Tx = treatment
Title of Article
1 Novel Use of Elastomeric Pumps Effective for CRPS view A new approach to epidural blocks, where the patient self-administers a local anesthetic, has resulted in complete resolution of symptoms in a young man with CRPS-I.
2 Study finds knowingly taking placebo pills eases pain view A very interesting study has found that the placebo effect works even when the patients know that the meds they're receiving are inactive, i.e., placebos.
3 CRPS sufferer Emily Hewatt returns from treatment in New Jersey pain-free view A nice story about an Australian woman who came to NJ to get treated for her CRPS using Calmare (scrambler) therapy. She's currently symptom-free.
4 Researchers Unveil 3-D Image of ‘Marijuana Receptor’ view The 3D structure of the cannabinoid receptor has finally been elucidated. This allows researchers to determine exactly how THC and CBD interact with the body, possibly leading to new drugs with fine-tuned activity.
5 Unwilling to Suffer in Silence over Opioid Guidelines view One man's feelings about the CDC's opioid guidelines and their consequences for him.
6 15 Years with My Pain Dr. and My Last Appointment Became My Final Appointment view Here's a very sad piece by a pain patient who was dropped from his pain doc, despite being the doc's longest-standing patient, and who'd been totally compliant.
7 High-Frequency Stimulation Better for Chronic Back and Leg Pain, Study Says view Additional evidence for the efficacy of high-frequency SCS continues to be published, in this case for chronic leg and back pain.
8 Awareness Is Good, Distraction is Better view "Awareness Is Good, Distraction is Better" is the title of this great article on techniques to distract ourselves from the awful, burning pain of CRPS.
9 What Will Trump Election Mean for Pain Care? view I'm sure that many of the readers here have wondered what the election of Donald Trump will mean for the accessibility of opioid drugs so essential for many pain patients.
10 New Cannabis Pain Patch for Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain view Cannabis has been incorporated into a skin patch, which was tested against a couple of types of chronic pain.
11 Marijuana Legalized in Several More States view A definite silver lining to the election on Nov. 8 was the number of states that now allow the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use.
12 What Grade Should Your State Get for Pain Care? view The Pain and Policy Studies Group at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine just released a study that graded all of the states on their pain policies. It is generating much controversy, partly because no state earned a grade lower than "C"!
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