Drug Interactions

The more is understood about drug action in the body, and the various factors that influence this action, the more important it is to be aware of any potential drug-drug interactions. The following sites are actually quite similar in their function and the interactions they find, which is why I didn't comment much on the sites. Just try a couple, and see which one(s) you like more.

You'll actually find that several of these sites use the same large database, and so will give similar results when queried about the same drugs' interactions.

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Site Name (& link)
Check Drug Interactions Walgreens.com
very easy and intuitive
a good background on how the FDA uses drug interaction and synergism information
a pretty intense document that gets into the details of the types of drug interactions
mainly a list of sites with more specified interactions between similar drugs
very easy and intuitive
very easy and intuitive
very easy and intuitive
Drug Interactions Checker RxList.com IMO, the best of them all. Easy to use, can consider more than just two drugs' interactions, and much more.
Toronto General Hospital
many tables of drug interactions, concentrating on HIV drugs but others, too
Drug Interactions:
What You Should Know
[short pamphlet summary]
good general treatment, but not as detailed as many others, making specific drug-drug interactions harder to find. the pamphlet is better.
very easy and intuitive
Indiana Univ. Medical School
focuses completely on drugs metabolized by one of the many Cytochrome P-450 enzymes, which is most of them
Preventable Adverse Drug Reactions:
A Focus on Drug Interactions
a unique approach, looking proactively at possible interactions instead of dealing with problems after they emerge
very easy and intuitive