Helpful Blogs and Groups
Concerning RSD, CRPS, & Chronic Pain

In my wanderings around the Internet looking for sites & links to include in this site, I've encountered many, many blogs and support groups whose target audiences are patients with RSD/CRPS or chronic pain from other diseases, and their caregivers.

Blogs and online support groups can have similarities, but their dynamics and purposes are much different. Most often, blogs are like a diary by one person; most solicit comments on the entries and thus some interesting discussions can evolve. The primary purpose, however, remains the publicity of one person's experiences with a situation. This is useful not only to others experiencing similar symptoms, but is usually very cathartic for the blogger.

A support group, whether in person or online, exists for the mutual support of all members, with no one having any more importance or predominance than anyone else. There are often moderators or leaders, but the emphasis is on non-judgmental support and empathy. A very good support group can be really invaluable to lessen the feelings of loneliness and uniqueness suffered by essentially all people with CRPS/RSD, as well as inform visitors of new treatments, relaxation methods, etc.

Title (& link)
Brief Description
A blog about me living with CRPS: CRPS Links "This blog is about me living with RSD/CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), a "chronic and progressive" neurological disease."
A Real Life with RSD A nice, one-person, fairly short blog
Are You Winning Your Life?? Asymmetric kind of blog by a patient with CRPS and several other illnesses, who's selling herself at the world's first "RSD Life Coach".
Beyond RSD Pain great blog, esp. in that it features several animations representing the neural changes that are known to accompany central sensitization
CRPS Blogger | A blog about the
ins and outs of CRPS
A relatively new blog by a newcomer to RSD/CRPS; definitely worth reading since remembering where we've all come from is always valuable.
CRPS/RSD a Better Life A very long-running blog by an RSD patient in the Land Down Under. Great blog!
CRPS/RSD Support Forum A small support forum, with a section on "Questions about CRPS/RSD"
David With RSD One-man blog that's fairly long, but not regularly updated - so common with well-meaning blogs.
Going Down Swinging:
A one-person blog with a long history, written by a 27 yr.-old woman, a high-functioning CRPS patient.
How To Cope With Pain A small but very informative and accurate summary of many effective coping techniques for those suffering with chronic pain.
Jessica's Journey A quite personal blog from a young woman who's really been through the RSD wringer.
Life in Pain: Living with
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
A very new (started in 2013) personal blog, by a young mother with CRPS in both legs.
A Life with CRPS/RSD An enjoyable, intelligent, well-written blog by Rita, a single Mom of four. A notable feature is her ongoing battle with Worker's Comp.
Living with RSD/CRPS A day in the life of someone battling to win against this illness.
Loving Life with RSD/CRPS A neat one-person blog, but told in an unusually-engaging and readable style.
My Battle with CRPS A short but very honest and easily-read account of one person's experience with RSD and MRSA simultaneously. I've been there, and it's awful.
A New Beginning:
My Life with RSD
Trudy Thomas' Blog of her "Living with Hope" Radio Show.
Out of the Flames One-person style diary format.
Pumpsters (for those with
intrathecal drug pumps)
A very good, quite intimate blog/support group for those whose pain has progressed to needing an intrathecal drug pump, which delivers very small amounts of (usually) potent narcotics. The advantage is that, with such small amounts of drug used, toxic side-effects are nonexistent.
RSD Advisory - Where Chronic Pain &
Depression Collide
"A list of resources I’ve compiled through research. My passion is to promote awareness and understanding in regards to RSD(S)/CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, and other illnesses and information directly or indirectly associated to it. Some links may be repetitive."
RSDiary updates every Sunday
RSD(s)-CRPS Advisory this site is just tremendous, from top to bottom (which is a long way)! Rather than trying to summarize something so masterful, please just pop over and see one of the great ones.
Turning Straw Into Gold a truly excellent, inspiring blog by Toni Bernhard, an attorney with an as-yet-undiagnosed illness of many years' duration. Based on the author's practice of Buddhism - highly recommended!!
Where Chronic Pain and Depression Collide My Battle with CRPS - by Twinkle V-F, a tireless worker to get the word out about RSD!

Support Groups
Title (& link)
Brief Description
American Chronic Pain Association a great clearinghouse for support throughout the USA
The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group a very nice combined support group & blog; more impressive since it's run by one person.
Beyond RSD Pain a Wordpress-styled support group
Connections a support group for people with chronic pain - a new, still sparse site that's just getting underway.
CRPS Support Groups
in the USA by State
from the excellent RSDHope site, a great compilation of the larger support groups in the country.
MDJunction-RSD in my experience, the best of them all for info, empathy, and support. Membership is approaching 2,000; all are either CRPS patients or caregivers. lists 120 support groups across the U.S., along with guidelines
NeuroTalk a very well managed, kind, active support group
Pain Management Support Group from WebMD, another online support group
PARC - Listing of Support Groups in CA if you're in CA, this is a great place to look for in-person support groups
Rocky Mountain CRPS/RSD features a nice directory of online support groups
RSD Advisory - Where Chronic
Pain & Depression Collide
In addition to being a great blog source, Twinkle's site also highlights support groups.
RSD Alert A nice collections of help groups of all kinds, situated in the UK.
RSD Awareness Support Groups A good one-page listing by RSD Awareness
RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me! Unique, optimistic, refreshingly positive support group that will leave you feeling more hopeful than before you got involved with online support groups!
RSD-CRPS of America A large (~ 1300 members) RSD/CRPS support group; part of the Yahoo! Groups
RSDHarbor A much smaller (~ 30) group, also part of Yahoo! Groups
RSDHope Teens A Yahoo! Group dedicated solely for teens suffering from RSD/CRPS.
RSD Laughter Group A quite active online support group
"RSDParents parents fighting the monster." A Yahoo! Group.
RSDSA's Support Groups RSDSA's great state-by-state guide. Just click your state and take it from there.
Currently under construction (03/14/2013)
A Winning Life With RSD A one-person site advertising her services as an "RSD Coach"