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This is the home of all links and news featured on the main page of this site that are no longer timely, but could easily be valuable to various folks in the future. All of these items will remain here indefinitely. The current incarnation of this web site began in June, 2011. The very first web site (all one page and 125 links of it!) began in April, 2002.

All notices are linked to the page that they describe. On this page, hyperlinks are all white, becoming red and underlined when you mouseover them, so if a description has more than one group of white text, just hold your mouse over one. The items are added in reverse chronological order, i.e., the newest is at the top.



The December 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [12/15/15]

The November 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [11/15/15]

New links have been added to the section on CRPS/RSD and Psychological Factors. [11/05/15]

The October 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [10/15/15]

The September 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [09/15/15]

The August 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [08/15/15]

Many new links have been added to the section on legal and disability issues. [08/05/15]

The July 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [07/15/15]

The "Bisphosphonates" section on the "RSD Drugs" page has been substantially expanded, due mainly to the increasing excitement about and investigations into this class of drugs in CRPS therapy. [07/04/15]

The June 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [06/15/15]

Many new links have been added to the section on legal and disability issues. [05/25/15]

The May 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [05/15/15]

Many new papers have been added to the CRPS & Children section. [04/25/15]

The April 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [04/15/15]

A note about the new neridronate clinical trial was added to this page, near the top. [03/31/15]

The March 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [03/15/15]

I want to remind everyone of the Facebook page corresponding to this site. New articles are posted there at least every other day - usually more often - with articles of relevance to the chronic pain community. You can find the FB page here. [03/02/15]

The February 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [02/15/15]

The January 2015 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [01/15/15]

A large number of new peer-reviewed publications has been added across all of the various topics found in the Library. If you haven't recently (or ever!) visited it, now would be a great time to check out the Library and its thousands of articles. [01/12/15]

The Anatomy and Physiology section has a new link that outlines the healthy function and utilization of vitamins and minerals. [01/04/15]


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The December 2014 issue of the CRPS/RSD Newsletter is online and available! [12/15/14]

The first official draft of the new CRPS/RSD Glossary is finally finished, and can be accessed via one of the first links in the left-hand vertical menu. It is extensively cross-linked, so that unfamiliar terms should be linked to their own definition in the glossary. Please look through it and give me your feedback! Thanks! [11/28/14]

Several peer-reviewed articles have been added to the CRPS/RSD and Psychological Factors section, which discuss the correlation between chronic pain and suicidal ideation. [11/22/14]

The search engine on this page (top right) has been enhanced, so now you can look up medical terms by the term, its definition, or its abbreviation. You can also look up pharma (pharmaceutical) companies and professional associations. [11/15/14]

There's a new feature in "CRPS/RSD In The News" - the top 15-20 CRPS-related news headlines from Medical News Today, an excellent news abstracting service that is now available at no charge. Updated several times/hour, this is a great place to see what's new and relevant before other sites have learned of it. [11/14/14]

A number of new links has been added to the section on RSD drugs, specifically the one concerned with intrathecal drugs and pumps. This protocol isn't used often, as it is quite invasive, but has been the key to lessened pain for a large number of CRPS patients. [11/08/14]

The Facebook implementation of this site is nearing 1,000 "Like"s! If you haven't been there yet, please visit and "like" the site, so we can go over the important 1,000 "like" threshold. To go to the Facebook site, just go here. Thank you! [11/04/14]

Many new links have been added to the new page on Educational Videos, most of them having to do with ketamine and the multi-day comas being used by some researchers with very promising results. [10/26/14]

The October, 2014 issue of the monthly newsletter is up and available for your enjoyment! Please read about it and use the link just above this section! [10/15/14]

A new section has been added to the Drugs & Treatments page, covering neural stimulation of all kinds except SCS, which has its own section. If you're wondering about these new techniques, such as Deep Brain Stimulation, Transcranial Stimulation, and Epidural Motor Cortex Stimulation, check out this new section! [10/05/14]

This site now has a glossary of terms used in discussing CRPS/RSD! Like any specialized discipline, physiology and anatomy have their own set of acronyms and strange-sounding words and phrases. and I decided it was time to put together a compilation of these terms in one easily-found source. It's one of the top links in the left menu; please check it out and tell me what you think. [09/19/14]

There's a new page on the site, called CRPS/RSD Educational Videos! It used to be a small section at the end of the RSD Sites page, but has grown so quickly that it was time to break it out into its own page. Most of the videos were produced by a major player in CRPS therapy, and there's a great variety in what's offered. It's now an item in the left-hand vertical menu. [08/29/14]

This site continues to grow, not only in size and content, but also in number of visitors, for which I'm very grateful! Someone visiting the site for the first time can find it somewhat intimidating, so I've added a small "Site Guide", which is linked in the first section above. It simply suggests where new visitors should look for certain types of data. [08/21/14]

A large number of new articles on the efficacy of vitamin C in preventing CRPS after a major trauma, especially surgery or a fracture. See the page on CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments. [08/10/14]

A new section has been added to the RSD Sites page, which links to a bunch of excellent YouTube videos on all aspects of CRPS/RSD, its diagnosis, prevention, treatments, how certain blocks are done, and many more topics of interest! [08/09/14]

The July newsletter was published on July 15th, and begins the fourth year that these popular publications have been prepared and distributed. Want to be on the list? Just sign the guestbook above! [07/24/14]

A new page has been added, called Drug Interactions. There was a need for visitors to be able to quickly discover whether any drugs they're taking are known to interact with each other. Such interactions are seldom beneficial, so it's important to become knowledgeable about the drugs we're prescribed. [06/29/14]

The June 2014 is now available and online right here! There are two new reviews of CRPS/RSD, an excellent piece on preventing CRPS development after surgery, a new Dx technique using sensitive pressure points, similar to those used for FM. There's also articles on the importance of psychological support during CRPS and recent advances in imaging and in fighting inflammation. [06/15/14]

In 2012, the journal Pain Physician devoted an entire issue to the topic of CRPS. Now that sufficient time has elapsed, I have been able to acquire all 19 articles in this excellent compilation. These are now gathered and listed in the section on CRPS Drugs and Treatments, under "Opioids in General", along with the length of each. It's worth everyone's time to at least check out the article titles, and see what stokes your interest or, even better, applies to your specific CRPS situation. [06/14/14]

This site just won a prestigious award for the best library site for this part of the state! If you missed it, just look up on this page (or click the next "award" link) to see the announcement and the actual award. [06/14/14]

A new section has been added, called "Anatomy & Physiology". Many site visitors and others I speak to say they don't understand enough human anatomy or physiology to understand much discussion about CRPS. The new section has links to a large collection of atlases, tutorials, and other painless ways to learn this essential material. [05/26/14]

The May 2014 Newsletter is now available and online right here! It's got quite the eclectic selections of many new research articles, including some excellent new review articles on CRPS, a girl who developed facial CRPS after being hit with a snowball, and how mice with a minor DNA modification had their pain controlled by lights of different colors (I'm serious)! [05/17/14]

Nearly a dozen new links have been added to the section on ketamine in the section "CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments", There's no theme to these new articles; they just reflect the growing research on the effects of ketamine on CRPS, which have been extremely promising so far. [04/29/14]

The section on "Relevant Medical Journals" has been substantially expanded, so that four journals with articles commonly of interest to CRPS patients are available on separate pages with the top 20 most recent, applicable articles summarized and available as a pdf file with just a mouse click. This is possible because the journals are published by Dove Press, the leading open-source publisher of peer-reviewed scientific papers. [04/23/14]

A truly excellent editorial was just published in the journal Pain Medicine, by Lynn R. Webster, MD, the current President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Its title is "Pain and Suicide: The Other Side of the Opioid Story", and illustrates the downside of ever-more restrictive access to strong pain killers when they're warranted. It's short, and shows this side of the problem more eloquently than I ever could. If you take opioids now, or are considering it, or feel guilty about using these drugs in general and/or are afraid of becoming an addict, please read it! [03/27/14]

Two valuable links have been added to a new section on the page for Finding a Pain Specialist. These both point to resources for those whose medical bills are draining their financial reserves. [03/26/14]

A half-dozen new links have been added to the CRPS/RSD and Psychological Factors page, in the second section called "Suicide". Sufficient numbers of CRPS patients commit suicide that knowing its warning signs and how to deal with a suicidal person could save someone's life. [02/19/14]

Many new links have been added to the Prescription Assistance page, generously suggested by a visitor to the site. If you're having any trouble paying for prescriptions - even the co-pays - please look down the new links and see if any might be helpful. [02/17/14]

Want to participate in a clinical trial to help test new drugs/techniques for your CRPS or something associated with it? A brand new, worldwide search engine will locate Clinical Trials within a certain radius of your location. [02/13/14]

A very complete, 25-pg slideshow has been published, called "Neuropathic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Children". Published by the University of Edinburgh, it's about as complete I've seen for guidance how to care for a child with CRPS, and covers more topics than you can imagine. It's in the CRPS/RSD in Children & Adolescents page. [02/07/14]

The Royal College of Physicians (UK) has published its detailed report "Complex regional pain syndrome in adults - UK guidelines for diagnosis, referral and management in primary and secondary care". The entire 84-pg report, a six-pg summary, and a 3-pg explanation of how the study was designed are all available on the CRPS/RSD Sites page. [01/02/14]


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One of the new bisphosphonates developed for osteoporosis but which have shown activity against CRPS, called neridronate, has just exhibited unprecedented activity against CRPS1 symptoms. See the first section in CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments. [12/21/13]

The November 2013 issue of the "Pain Product Announcements & Warnings" series from the great site has just been published; it's linked, as usual, through our Drug News & Warnings page. Zohydro ER, the first single-entity formulation of hydrocodone, is among the drugs discussed. [12/18/13]

The Journal of Pain Research has made available a widget that allows a site to show the abstract for up to 20 articles from the most recent issue. Since this journal is open-access, clicking its title will take you to its abstract, along with a button to download a pdf file of the paper. This is an excellent utility - a great place to start getting used to keeping current with CRPS research! [12/06/13]

A new NMDA receptor antagonist has shown great promise as a CRPS drug. It's in the same class as ketamine, but shows none of the distressing side-effects, especially psychological. Called memantine (Namenda®), it has shown nearly miraculous effects on patients who are very ill with CRPS. It's briefly covered in CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments, with more articles in the Library. [12/02/13]

A new, unexpected effect of ketamine has been serendipitously discovered, in which it has shown the ability to relieve the effects of long-term, intractable depression - in 30 minutes! Usually, antidepressants take several weeks to start having any effect, so this is possibly the most important discovery in depression treatment since the tricyclics. The drug is covered in the page CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments. [11/30/13]

As it says at the top of the page, November is Worldwide RSD/CRPS Awareness Month, co-sponsored by RSDSA and a couple of others. Raising awareness around the world is the one thing that will, in my opinion, increase the speed of research and sense of urgency, as more and more people become aware of this monster. [11/20/13]

We all know how good cannabis is at dealing with neuropathic pain. It now is clear that is also has strong synergy with opioids, meaning that it boosts their efficacy (and, presumably, opioids increase the activity of THC and cannabis' other chemicals). There are even indications that THC slows the progression of tolerance, and can even reverse it! Seven articles appear at the bottom of the "Cannabinoids" section of the page on CRPS/RSD Drugs. [10/22/13]

Neuropsychopharmacology - a Generation of Progress is one of the most authoritative sources on the topic, and the 5th edition has just been published. Ten out of its 134 chapters were chosen and are found in the Library under NMDA Receptor Antagonists", although other topics are also covered. If you've wanted to study this material in depth, look no further! [10/20/13]

A new page has been added (an unusual occurrence these days) which covers CRPS/RSD in the Elderly. As folks age, their experience with severe, chronic diseases tends to change. Sometimes, the question arises whether the elderly are even suffering from the same illness as the inevitable age-related changes in our bodies begin to manifest as the years go by. [10/17/13]

The DEA is sponsoring its annual "Drug Take Back Day" on Saturday, Oct. 26, where you can get rid of unknown, unused, or expired drugs between 10am and 2pm. The specifics, locations, etc. are on the "Drug Disposal" page. [10/09/13]

A great utility has been added to the page Finding a Pain Specialist, called "Dollars for Docs". Just enter a physician's name and city, and you receive a listing of every payment made to the doctor by a drug company, including the company, date, reason, and amount of payment. See how your doc stacks can be a real eye-opener! [09/21/13]

Many review articles concerning CRPS and its treatment, all from 2013, have been added to the Recent Reviews page. They range from a short description of the different kinds of pain and their causes to a 163-pg guideline to treating CRPS-1. [08/30/13]

Most of the June 2013 issue of CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, was devoted to review articles on recent research on ketamine; is available in the site's Library, in the section on ketamine. This is the most promising psychoactive drug to be so intensely investigated for many years, and some of its possible applications are breathtaking. [08/29/13]

A new page has just been added, which is a tabular compilation of all of the PowerPoint presentations that are suggested each month with the site's newsletter on recent CRPS/RSD research; this was begun in 2013. It's found in the left menu (and here, of course) - "PowerPoint Archive" - right below Newsletter Archive. [08/18/13]

A new section has been added to the CRPS/RSD Drugs page, covering palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), an endogenous compound that has analgesic effects, prevents neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration, and has other positive attributes. [08/10/13]

A new section has been added to the page on Acupuncture, featuring six articles from the popular medical press (WebMD, MedPage, NIH, etc.). It was felt that there was a need for articles that were technically between my own text and scientific papers, to give visitors a better feel for this valuable technique. [08/04/13]

The LIBRARY has undergone a re-organization to make room for additional citations. A new page has been added (pg. 10), with only two sections, but they're big ones: Drug Tolerance, Addiction, etc., and Activated Glial Cells, Astrocytes, etc. The Library's Table of Contents has been tuned up to reflect these changes. [08/03/13]

An important survey on the availability of pain medications is being conducted by the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Assoc., showing how increased DEA scrutiny is making such availability more difficult. See the details on the Legislative Alerts page. [07/21/13]

The tab system in the huge Chronic Pain page has been replaced with one that's considerably more robust and less prone to crash or seize up in the middle of looking through the six pages. So far, so good, so please check it out! [07/09/13]

A new section has been added to the Acupuncture page, about a technique developed in the '70's called the "Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA)", which uses needle insertion points only above the neck. It's shown remarkable efficacy in several diverse applications, including CNS illnesses like CRPS. [06/23/13]

A neat little utility has been added at the bottom of this page, called a "ClustrMap". I've used it in other sites, and it maintains a log of the locations of folks who visit. It doesn't take long to be amazed at how far-reaching popular sites are! I couldn't start the counter at anything but "0", so couldn't reflect the 10's of 1000's of folks who visit! So login often! ;-) [06/17/13]

A new book has just been published, called "Handbook of Pediatric Chronic Pain", It's quite long (>25 chapters), but 10 of the best have been reproduced for you. If you have a child with CRPS/RSD, this is a resource you don't want to miss! The chapters are listed in the page on "CRPS/RSD in Children". [05/28/13]

Many new papers have been added to the Cannabinoids section of the Library, including a new section covering the "imitation bath salts" currently being made illegal. Nearly all of these drugs are amphetamine analogs, and all CRPS people should know that stimulants are terrible for us. [05/27/13]

A new link has been added to the Finding a Pain Specialist page called Prescriber Checkup. You can enter a physician's name and state of practice, and get a bunch of excellent information about their prescribing habits as compared to their peers. You even see the top 10 drugs the physician prescribes. These data have never been made public before! [05/13/13]

The May 2013 issue of the "Pain Product Announcements & Warnings" series from the great site has just been published; it's linked, as usual, through the Drug News & Warnings page. Among the drugs discussed are OxyContin® and Suboxone® - two drugs of great interest to many CRPS patients. [05/05/13]

Another new section has been added to the CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments page, this time covering the new technique called scrambler or Calmare®. This is a type of direct nerve stimulation that mixes, or "scrambles", pain and non-pain nerve signals, with a net overall reduction in pain that can last for months. [04/29/13]

A new section has been added to the CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments page on the use of bisphosphonates for CRPS. These drugs are usually prescribed for osteoporosis, which often occurs with long-term CRPS, but the relevant action on CRPS is the drugs' ability to supress the formation of inflammatory cytokines, which have been implicated in the propagation of CRPS neuropathic pain. [04/20/13]

The page on CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments has been totally reformatted, using an accordion-type mechanism to keep each treatment separate, with lots of room for expansion. See what you think! [04/16/13]

The page on Pain Measurement now has three links to articles on the newly-discovered technique for objectively measuring pain in animals of all kinds, including humans. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers were able to accurately measure pain in humans caused by heat. This is a very important result, with implications for helping nonverbal patients who can't describe their pain, from comatose humans to nonhuman animals of all kinds. [04/11/13]

Over a dozen new articles have been added to the Children and CRPS section of the Library; a subset of these also appears in the CRPS/RSD in Children & Adolescents page, as the research in this critical area picks up momentum. It's known that, for most diseases and drugs, they act differently in children and adolescents than in adults; this is particularly true for CRPS. [04/07/13]

An overdue section has been added, which addresses the psychological toll taken on CRPS patients by their horrible illness. Called "CRPS/RSD and Psychological Factors", the item is in the left menu column. There are also several articles on suicide and resources for those who are feeling suicidal, which, unfortunately, we know occurs with this illness. [04/04/13]

Another new section has appeared, called "Pharmacogenomics". This is a quite new science, and seeks to learn about how our inherited mixture of oxidizing enzymes affect our use of various classes of drugs. Depending on their mixture of a type of cytochrome P450 enzymes, different people can, after a single dose of methadone, require well over 100 hrs to metabolize it or it can take less than an hour. [03/22/13]

There's a cool new graphic covering all of cannabis' medicinal actions, as a function of the cannabinoid receptor responsible for the action. Check out the CRPS/RSD Drugs page, under "Cannabinoids". [03/19/13]

A large section has been added to the Drug War page, showing a selection of the patents awarded to the US government or funded by them covering the medicinal applications of marijuana. This, from our government who claims that marijuana has no acceptable uses. [03/12/13]

A new section has been added, called "Legislative Updates". It's in the menu bar in the upper section; hopefully this will attract folks' attention. In it, I'll list current issues that directly affect our community, along with suggestions on how to get involved in the activism needed to avoid losing some very important rights we now enjoy. [01/27/13]

The menu bar running down the left side has been rearranged slightly. The small section at the top, between two gold bars, is a section I reserved for places visitors might want to go more often than others. I've moved the Site Archive into the main menu and moved both the Newsletter and the new Library into the top. I know the Newsletter link is popular from traffic reports, and I anticipate the Library will be at least as popular, if not more so. - Howard [01/23/13]

A new link has been added to the CRPS/RSD Sites section, called "RSD Aid & Awareness". They're evidently producing a movie about CRPS; here's the trailer. I've contacted the site to see whether it's still current, and discover whether the movie for the trailer is a reality or just a really nice idea. [01/23/13]

A new, huge section has been added whose purpose is to gather the 100's of scientific papers in this site, and gather them in one location, sorted by subject. Uniquely, it's called "Library" and is now in the left column menu in the top section. Please check it out and let me know if it's useful. If you don't, the project won't continue, since it's too much work to do if unused. If people like and use it, I'm happy to maintain it. Thanks! [01/03/13]


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A new section has been added, called "Drug War", which is now in the left menu. As the DEA continues to go after pain patients and especially providers, it is important to have a source of unbiased, factual information. Please let me know what you think. [12/13/12]

Many new links added to the methadone section in the RSD Drugs & Treatments page, concentrating on the variable metabolism rate individuals exhibit, which can cause nasty complications, especially false negatives, in compliance urinalyses. [12/10/12]

Many more links (6-7) added to ketamine section in the RSD Drugs & Treatments page.

Several new links added to the section on ketamine therapy, in the RSD Drugs & Treatments page.

Nearly 20 links added to the Chronic Pain page! [10/18/12]

Many new links have been added to the page on CRPS in Children, primarily reporting new research in this critical area of research. [10/15/12]

There's a new section in Drug Information on benzodiazepines - the family containing Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, etc. - how they compare, how to use them safely, and, importantly, how to withdraw safely from the various benzos. [10/13/12]

A new link under Drug Information advises patients on how to safely discontinue antidepressants. This should never be undertaken without medical supervision, but this article clearly outlines what to expect from each type. [10/10/12]

A new section is now in CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments, covering mirror box therapy for CRPS. Getting its start in phantom limb pain, this amazing therapy is now finding benefit in helping CRPS patients regain a better conception of their bodies and how RSD fits into the whole picture. [10/10/12]

The RSDSA has just published a 64-page document called "In Pain and Agonizing Over the Bills" (subtitled: "Financial Assistance Resource Directory"). I'm happy to re-publish it here, on the page Legal/Disability/WC/Financial Issues. [09/21/12]

Two great, short (4-5pp), illustrated primers have been published by the Dana Institute, which carries out and does brain research. One is about the nature of chronic pain, and the other about the way we perceive pain. Regardless of your background, there's something in these for everyone. They're both right at the top of the page on Chronic Pain. [09/17/12]

Added a great series of narrated animations of every chronic pain procedure you've likely ever heard of, and then some! From caudal steroid injections to SCS implantation, this series of around 30 procedures from the American Pain Institute can answer a lot of questions. Look in the CRPS/RSD Drugs & Treatments page. [09/10/12]

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Added many new references to and fleshed out several items in the "Specialized" page ("CRPS/RSD Drugs & Tx's, Specialized"), especially concerning ketamine and PEPT (Pain Exposure Physical Therapy). [09/01/12]

New banner link added to Clinical Trials! This new link takes you right to, whose new page makes it even easier to look for trials that might be relevant to you, whether they're recruiting now or ongoing. You search by entering your zip code and how many miles you'd be willing to travel to participate. [08/25/12]

NEW GUESTBOOK ADDED!! A replacement for the guestbook that suddenly disappeared is in place. PLEASE, even if you've signed the prior one, sign this one, too, as the archived messages were not made available from the first. Thanks!! [08/04/12]

New Page Added! Compounding pharmacies are gaining in popularity, especially for patients who can't take their required medications in the form(s) in which they're commercially offered. If you can't take pills or other drug forms, please check this out - it could change your life! [07/18/12]

New Page Added! I finally decided that it was time to prepare a special list of the great blogs and support groups out in Internetland that are intended for CRPS/RSD folks like us. [07/12/12]

Created a Facebook page corresponding to this site, to try and reach more folks like us, especially the newly-diagnosed, who are scared to death and looking for good information about their affliction. [07/01/12] Btw - please "like" us! :-)

American Pain Foundation site shuts down suddenly. Without prior notice, the excellent APF site was suddenly taken down, citing "irreparable economic circumstances". No other details were offered, and none have emerged since then. [05/15/12]

New Links Added! In the "RSD Drugs/Treatments" page is a new section on the ablation, cutting, burning, or otherwise destroying nerves, to try and stop intractable CRPS pain. Usually tried very late in the various options. [03/29/12]

Excellent 3-Piece Story of US Prescription Drug Problems has been published by Huffington Post; links to all three parts are provided in the " the News" page. [03/20/12]

Several new RSD/CRPS Links Added! Several new links to RSD/CRPS sites, including two specifically for children and adolescents. [03/18/12]

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New Page Added! One way to see our activism activities paying off is the increasing number of articles in the mainstream press covering CRPS/RSD, chronic pain, or a combination. It's called CRPS/RSD, Drugs, etc. in the News. [02/28/12]

Many New CDC Links Added! The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has launched several great projects, making the navigation of their huge site much faster. There's also a new site, Chronic Disease Indicators, an interactive site which can specify how prone folks in your location are to become chronically ill. Look on the Drug Information page. [02/19/12]

New Page Added! For chronically ill folks, Drug Shortages can spell real trouble. Now, underneath Drug Disposal in the menu, is a page that lists many resources to learn if one of your meds is in short supply and what to do. [02/12/12]

MedLexicon widget added to the main page! At the top of the main (index) page now resides a small widget where you can look up words, definitions, or abbreviations and get an answer in seconds. [02/10/12]

New Page Added! Again stimulated by a few requests, I gathered several references to sites which explain how to safely dispose of old medications. [02/10/12]

New Legal Links Added! Several excellent articles from the site, addressing important legal issues such as the Pain Care Bill of Rights, Life Care Plans, and the Art of Patient Advocacy. On the Legal/Disability/Workmen's Comp. Issues page. [02/08/12]

New Link Added! Every news item from this page has a home when its timeliness has aged away, which is the Site Archive. However, its only link was the one right above this box, which is easy to forget. That's why it's now the second item in the left menu. [02/06/12]

New Page Added! In response to a few questions on the subject, a page about Clinical Trials has been created. Learn what they are, how they work, and search for trials you might like to volunteer for! [01/23/12]

New Page Added! Due to the large number of visitors who mention that their child has CRPS, and the building literature on this topic, convinced me to add a new page to this site, dedicated to the special needs of children with CRPS/RSD. It's called CRPS/RSD in Children - right under RSD/CRPS Sites in the topic list. [01/21/12]

The Drug Information page has been greatly expanded and updated, including a brand new section on the safe disposal of unused and/or expired medications. [01/21/12]

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Excellent CRPS/RSD Online Support Group! Please see the short description near the top of this page. features support groups for a huge number of conditions; the only one I've experienced is the group for CRPS/RSD sufferers. [01/14/12]

IMPORTANT!! The FDA has just issued (1/9/2012) a safety alert concerning several opioid drugs used by many RSD patients. A possible consequence could be shortages in some products. Please read! [01/09/12]


A REAL WINNER!! An excellent new site, PainSafe, is in the Chronic Pain section. Among its offerings are many resources to avoid pain-related accidents and a great page on traveling with chronic pain. If you're concerned about your safety and/or plan to travel, this is a must-read. Here's a little more detail. [12/20/11]

US Pharmacist has just published their summary of the drugs newly approved in 2011. Since there are usually so few each year, the drugs are not broken down into type. The new link is in the Drug Information page. [11/19/11]

The Legal Issues page has a new listing - a referral service by IL lawyers to connect patients with attorneys who specialize in RSD legal matters. Let's hope other states follow suit. [11/14/11]

A new page has just been added to alert visitors to news and warnings about medications often used by CRPS patients. Called "Pain Product News & Warnings", it's high in the content listing due to its importance. Please check it out occasionally, although I'll make sure that very important items are highlighted right here. [10/16/11]

The Pain Measurement page has been completely rewritten, both to make it easier to use and to bring its links up to date. [9/30/11]

The National Institute of Medicine (IOM) has just published its much-anticipated report "Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research". At the IOM site (here), you can download excerpts, chapters, or the entire report. Be warned - it's 327 pages long! [8/15/11]

A BMI Calculator has been added to the Pain Measurement page. BMI, or body-mass index, is a dependable measure of risks one may incur by being under- or overweight. Many RSD drugs play havoc with weight, so it's worth checking. [7/19/11]

Drug Info page has been reformatted to enable easy searching for either individual or families of drugs. Take a look! [7/6/11]

MediFocus' excellent RSD Guidebook, first published in 2005, has been completely revised as of January 2011. Now that the book is available as a PDF file, it's gotten quite reasonable ($24.42, including guidebook updates for a year). Here's a 25-page preview! [7/1/11]

New "Newcomers" Page Added! The links, information, and other items most useful to newly diagnosed CRPS/RSD patients and caregivers. Here's an item from that page, recommended for all folks with an interest in CRPS. It's a small pop-up window; the presentation lasts perhaps 10min. [6/24/11]


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