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Anyone who's tried Googling keywords like "CRPS", "allodynia", etc., knows what an amazing mixture of diverse sites appears. I make no claim to be familiar with all of the RSD sites on the Internet!

About CRPS from the "About" series; summarizes symptoms, treatment, prevention, and lots of links to external sites.

About RSD   an excellent site, by a nurse who's had RSD for over 20 years; some of the sub-topics include "Can RSD Be Treated?", "Can Acupuncture Help RSD?", a "Pain Bill of Rights", and other intriguing topics.

American RSD Hope  wonderful, multifaceted site addressing all aspects of CRPS/RSD - although originating in Maine, this superbly conceived site is one of the few RSD/CRPS sites that serves the entire country - one of the best! Its many articles, explanations, etc. are extremely well written for a lay audience, and complements this site very nicely. I encourage all of my visitors to become familiar with this dynamite resource.,

Arthritis Foundation RSD site  it  may be about arthritis, but these folks know lots about chronic pain.

Australian RSD Syndrome Support Group  fairly basic, one-person site.

AwareRSD   host site for discussion group, for making friends and getting info - a very personal feel.

Bandolier article about Regional Sympathectomies systematic review of intravenous regional sympathectomy for RSD.

Body of Hope   a personal, hopeful site with visualizations, inspirational poems, etc.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Wikipedia) if you haven't looked at Wikipedia's article on CRPS for awhile, you should check it out. It's constantly being expanded, now listing nearly 100 references.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Blog "Personal Injury Lawyer & Attorney Stuart Kritzer for CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) & Causalgia Claims"

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) | Neurohealth "our team of board-certified compassionate physicians and therapists provides comprehensive diagnostic, medical, and rehabilitative care, all under one roof. That means you can be tested, treated and cared for at one centrally located facility." Despite this article being published by a CRPSA treatment facility, there is much useful CRPS information..

CRPS a nice looking site that looks like its creator was interrupted before the project was finished.

CRPS Community a small RSD/CRPS site based in the UK

CRPS Hawaii a new support group centered in Oahu.

CRPS Help Tips a Facebook site with much helpful and inspirational material.

CRPS Institute a new treatment center in NY city, with a great team of interventional pain specialists, psychologists, physical therapy, and other treatments. This includes ketamine and other cutting edge approaches to CRPS treatment.

CRPS-UK a well-organized, very hepful site with research updates and good information about CRPS. It's done by a physical therapist, who "wanted to create an opportunity for those who have CRPS to be able to access the latest research findings, treatments and thinking in the field of pain that is dedicated to CRPS, and here it is."

Canadian RSD Network really nice site, great feel, lots of good info.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK:
The RCP has published its excellent, concise guidebook for CRPS; its full title is "Complex regional pain syndrome in adults - UK guidelines for diagnosis, referral and management in primary and secondary care". It's a detailed review at 84pp, so there's a summary called "Complex regional pain syndrome - Concise guidance to good practice series"; it's 6pp. Finally, there's a short (3pp) document which explains how the study was designed. Here are the links:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome a short, basic, info for the patient-type description of CRPS.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome an excellent book with bibliography, medical dictionary, and annotated research guide to internet references. Available as paperback or e-book; the site details the books carefully and provides the sources for the book in its different form.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Overview from, a very basic, easy to understand introduction to CRPS

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - Understanding RSD a short review from Acupuncture Today; acupuncture is but a small paragraph, but its scientific description of CRPS is detailed, accurate, and cites the primary literature copiously.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Resource Guide & Organizations a directory of resources for CRPS from, a health-oriented site whose tagline is "Health for Boomers and Beyond".

Diagnosing Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome one of the many useful articles from the National Pain Foundation, provides a step-by-step protocol for arriving at a differential diagnosis of CRPS, including the pros/cons of each component.

Disability Claim Representation although essentially a group advertisement for lawyers who specialize in disability claims, there's a lot of very useful general information, such as a great glossary, SS disability questions, and SSD resources.

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I 14-page review on the multidisciplinary treatment of CRPS Type I

Faces of RSD autobiographical, religion-based, music-accompanied RSD site.

Fighting 4 Us "a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals suffering from RSD?CRPS" May not be active - it's extremely basic and doesn't seem to have been updated since 2009.

Fighting RSD "The purpose of the site is to raise awareness of the condition in the hope that more patients will receive the treatments that they need, to answer some questions about the condition and also to support other patients with the condition, via the support forum."

For Grace large informational site; organized around group's founder, an ex-ballerina with >20yr RSD.

Guide to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in two parts, this "" entry is thorough and scientifically accurate.

Healthline "Connect to Better Health" - comprehensive source of health information; as cited, it's set to search on CRPS.

HelpRSD a rather dated (copyright 2005) site with good information, but with standard links to well-known RSD sites.

Institute for Chronic Pain "an organization whose mission is to change the culture of how chronic pain is treated and it does so by promoting the theory and practice of chronic pain rehabilitation."

International Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation the latest incarnation of Dr. H. Hooshmand's site, complete with his "RSD puzzles" and his conviction that antidepressants - not opioids or other analgesics - should be the mainstay of RSD treatment.

International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS very professional, informative site associated with an RSD treatment center: "The RSD / CRPS Treatment Center and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida is dedicated exclusively to RSD / CRPS. It is the world's first institute of its kind". Huge amount of valuable information. Navigation is complicated by overuse of Flash. BE FOREWARNED: a LOUD audio track plays as soon as you're on the site!

Joey's RSD and Chronic Pain Resources single page, somewhat disorganized site with lots of links; you'll just have to hunt a little. info site for the LA Pain Clinic; expertly pitched at non-experts, links to several books by its Director.

MediFocus Guidebook on RSD Medifocus, publisher of many guidebooks on various conditions, published this one in April 2005.

MediFocus RSD Guidebook PLUS, you can order just the e-version (PDF file) for much less!! I think this is a worthwhile investment.

National Organization for Rare Disorders little RSD data, but links to organizations that you don't see elsewhere, like the RSD organization in Ireland.

Neurological Associates the original Hooshmand web site. Not maintained, now that he's retired.

Neuropathic Pain (incl. RSD) from the Merck Manual typically excellent entry from the Merck Manual

NIH NINDS RSD page NIH NINDS official RSD info page - lots of useful, not overly technical info.

North Carolina CRPS/RSD Association "Our mission is to reduce and eliminate barriers preventing patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) from achieving effective Pain Management and to provide support to all those affected the disease."

Pagans with RSD/CRPS it's small, but their hearts are in the right place!

Pain Pal's RSD and Medical Links site  nice collection of links about RSD diagnosis & Tx, including many original articles.

PARC (Promoting Awareness of RSD and CRPS in Canada) a rich source of what it is, current therapies, links to services and resources

Partners Against Pain  site by Purdue Pharma & Mayo Clinic; loads of data, esp. strong on scientific papers and opioid control

Peripheral Vascular Disease highly detailed, excellently illustrated treatise on the subject; probably too technical for most

Promoting Awareness of RSD and CRPS in Canada (PARC)

(The) Range Medical Center a very nice, concise collection of "articles for 'Complex regional pain syndrome'", from a large UK medical center

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD/CRPS) large, informative site from the Neurology Channel; features an unusually detailed treatment of RSD; for instance, one of the first sections is called "RSD/CRPS Causes and Risk Factors".

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome from Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopedics, a very nice summary of the important features of CRPS - definition, clinical findings, etc., with excellent linking to sources. Great site.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of America (RSDSA), The  the BEST OF THEM ALL, on virtually every count! (See the topic guide for this site at the bottom of this page.)

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of California unfortunately, it appears that this organization has folded: Company Profile

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome very professional & authoritative site from the Cleveland Clinic

Rocky Mountain RSD/CRPS "was founded in 2005 out of the belief that there are too many people suffering from RSD and not getting the information and help they need. RMRSD was founded for the purpose of helping others with the disease, or those just wanting to help people with the disease."

RSD Aid & Awareness "Our purpose in creating this foundation is twofold; to create and expand an awareness of RSD/CRPS to health care professionals, patients, and the general public and give people the opportunity to glimpse the emotional side of RSD."

RSD Canada "Our mission is to support, educate and inform persons with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD),otherwise known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) the community and the medical professionals treating RSD, about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. The suffering of persons with this disease must also be recognized". A very comprehensive, active, excellent site.

RSD/CRPS Advisory "contains RSD/CRPS info, awareness, SCS, stages, SSDI Ruling on RSD, Workers Comp, chat rooms, forums, RSD radio, Physician mediated support group (P4P), your living will, causes, research funding, clinical trials, blogs, communities, articles, essays and much more."

RSD/CRPS Doesn't Own Me a rather eclectic, well-organized site that looks like a one-person operation.

RSD/CRPS Group on Care2 a very useful site on the huge site!

RSD/CRPS Overview from The Neurology Channel truly excellent treatment of RSD, aimed directly at people with lots of questions. Divided in several chapters, with links to outside sites and even a "Find a Neurologist" utility.

RSDS/CRPS Research, News & Information a blog-style site that features a series of articles of interest to the RSD/CRPS community. home site for the RSD/CRPS Treatment Center and Research Institute in Tampa, FL, the world's first institute of its kind, dedicated exclusively to RSD / CRPS. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick, one of the nation's pre-eminent RSD researchers, this treatment facility does treatments not available elsewhere in the US.

RSD Info Center a very pleasant, "gentle" web site, seems to be slanted toward new and/or confused RSD patients. Check it's got a special, unique feel.

RSD/CRPS Space Coast Neurology a FL practice recommended by Hooshmand when he retired. The menu bears a striking resemblance to Hooshman's site, and all but three of the main physician's nine research papers list Hooshmand as a co-author.

RSD/UK "We endeavor to help the cause of RSD/CRPS research in the UK by way of making our members aware of ongoing or future research. Details of known research will be made available to RSD UK members and it is for each member to decide if they wish to take place." Although this site is no longer maintained, it still has many useful links.

SanAntonio/RSD/CRPS a very good Facebook site, with about an equal mixture of valuable information and inspirational, gentle messages for CRPS sufferers.

South Carolina RSD Association a collection of various articles on RSD, but navigation is difficult.

Treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome a 10-page, concise summary of current thinking in the treatment of CRPS. Most of the material in the article is based on interviews with Dr. Robert Schwartzman of Drexel University, one of the top CRPS clinicians and researchers in the country.

TREND® The "TREND (Trauma RElated Neuronal Dysfunction) consortium is a Dutch collaboration of 5 University Hospitals, one Technical University and some industrial companies. Meanwhile there are also contacts with other institutes abroad."

(An) Update on the Pathophysiology of CRPS a 13-page review on CRPS' elusive pathophysiology, by one of the foremost researchers in the field, Dr. Stephen Bruehl.

USARSD " is a group of like-minded individuals with the goal of educating people about RSD and providing a community where questions, concerns, and RSD experiences can be shared."

Welcome to RSD/CRPS for Southern New Jersey and the World! "This is not a medical site.  This site was created to serve as a reference tool for sufferers of RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) more commonly known these days as CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome).  The purpose of this site is for reference only."

What is RSD? one of a LARGE series of RSD articles on the amazing site. This is an under-utilized, truly excellent collection of articles written for the lay person in a helpful, non-condescending style that renders it very readable. Article titles include "What Is RSD?", "What Causes RSD?", "How to Cope With Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy", etc. A DEFINITE MUST-READ FOR ANY NEWCOMERS!!

What Makes Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy So Complicated? a short article from the amputee-coalition site, written by an RSD patient whose foot-centered RSD became so severe that it was necessary to amputate her leg above the knee. She was not diagnosed and thus received no treatment for the first year of her RSD.

The small table below describes the sections in RSDSA's excellent "Clinical Guidelines" section
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Sections in RSDSA's "Clinical Guidelines" section [*click*]
# pp.
introduction; diagnostic considerations in forming a differential diagnosis of CRPS/RSD
Interdisciplinary Management
functional restoration as a major treatment goal, since loss of function happens early and must be treated
classes & descriptions of drugs typically used for CRPS
Psychological Interventions
psychological support essential for effective treatment; researching possible role in CRPS initiation
Interventional Therapies
locals, infusions, sympathetic blocks, neurostimulation, etc.
Pharmacotherapy guide; algorithms for psych. intervention, pain Tx, and interventional pain Tx.