CRPS/RSD in Children and Adolescents

    CRPS/RSD is, by most accounts, about the worst illness that can befall a human being. The unrelenting, screaming pain, lack of mobility, sleeplessness, isolation, and especially the psychological terror unleashed by CRPS on its victims, are magnified tremendously in children, especially those under 13 or so.

    This is exacerbated greatly when a child's family, despite being vigilant, supportive, and as knowledgable as possible given their resources, cannot explain to the child what's happening to him/her, nor give them any honest appraisal of their prognosis. How horrible it is to be unable to comfort one's child with assurances that things will turn out for the best, when we have no reason for such optimism!

    This section was created in response to many folks who, in signing my guestbook, mentioned their despair at having a young relative who's struggling with RSD and feeling insufficiently knowledgable to respond in an honest, comforting manner. I sincerely hope that this section helps such people - that is its reason for being here.

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Texas Children's Cancer Center
A unique, wonderful collection of instruments for measuring pain in children, particularly those too young to yet be verbal.