American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) - AAPS is a professional, scientific society of more than 10,000 members employed in academia, industry, government and other research institutes worldwide.

Anatomy Atlases contains three groups of links to: 1) Anatomy Textbooks and Anatomy Atlases 2) About Anatomy Atlases and 3) Related Digital Libraries

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, ABPI The ABPI represents about 80, prescription-medicine-producing companies in Britain; organizations involved in pharmaceutical research and development; and anybody with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry

The Biochemical Society The searchable Biochemical Society site gives latest society news, details on membership, information about the society, medals and lectures, meetings, groups, professional issues, education, policy, grants and funds, publications, links and contact details.

BioMedNet a superlative site, containing over 170 biological and medical journals, including the Trends and Current Opinion review journals.

Brookhaven Protein Database one of the world's great repositories for structural information, derived primarily from x-ray crystallography and NMR.

Clinical Pharmacology Online listing of hundreds of drugs, contains much pharmacological data on each drug, even in combined-product formulations. Includes mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics, including metabolism.

Drug Metabolism and Disposition -- Search search engine for the highest rated journal for the publication of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data, as well as metabolic and toxicological information.

European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry [EFMC]- main objective of the Federation is to advance medicinal chemistry by promoting cooperation and idea exchange of participating organizations by holding symposia, workshop, and the like.

Human Genome Project Information Information about the worldwide Human Genome Project to map the complete human genome of 80,000 to 100,000 genes by 2003

Martindale's Pharmacy Center The lead-off page for the pharmacy section of Martindale's, a huge and popular web site in the physical and life sciences.

Metabolic Pathways a one-page, hyperlinked summary of all of the metabolic pathways operative in the human body. Easy to visualize and conceptualize.

Modern Drug Discovery MDR is the must-read, FREE magazine for scientists in drug discovery and life science research

Molecular Pharmacology -- Search - the search engine for one of the most authoritative journals in pharmacology.

National Institutes of Health one of the foremost centers for biomedical research in the world, consisting of many individual expert scientists, as well as supporting top-quality research throughout the world in research universities and colleges, private research institutions, etc.

Pharmacological Reviews -- Search - the search mechanism for the highest rated review journal in pharmacology.

Pharmacy Top Links the most popular and useful links in the area of pharmacy, drug formulation, etc.

PharmaWeb large, very complete source of pharmacy/drug information.

The United States Phamacopeial Convention, Inc. -- Welcome to The USP the USP is the governing body which sets the analytical and other standards for drugs, preservatives, and other consumables.

Virtual Hospital: Health Topics A-Z:  [from the University of Iowa]:
 Brain and Nervous System
Procedures and Therapies
Endocrine System (Hormones)
Normal Radiologic Anatomy: X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic 
 A digital library of pediatric health information