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This series of pages has two purposes. First, it is designed to provide leading references to relative newcomers to the field of medicinal chemistry, which contain the background information needed to use this utility. Second, these sections are geared such that complete lay persons can find the information they seek without recourse to additional reference books or citations.

Most folks are far more aware of how their cars work than their own bodies, think that physicians are nearly always right, and never ask their physician for more details, alternatives, interactions, or anything else. Contradict a physician with a suggestion of their own? They'd rather die. Unfortunately, some physicians actively discourage patients' efforts at self-education! If you're unlucky enough to be paired with one currently, I strongly suggest a switch to a more enlightened practitioner.

One of my personal missions, which began as my Medicinal Chemistry course grew and matured, is to try to convince people to become Informed Consumers of Healthcare. Learning to use the information featured in this site will help you get better health care, become an active participant in your own treatment, and save a good amount of money by knowing what generic drugs are equivalent to popular but very expensive name-brand drugs.

The order of topics presented in the Contents list in the left column is based on something other than alphabetization, chronology, or any similar protocol. This time, the topics appear in approximately the order in which visitors to prior incarnations of this site report that they are used. Most folks want to know about drugs, then diseases, followed by pill identification.

Don't ignore the other pages, though! The questions I get asked most often as I run into people who know of my background have to do with medical tests or procedures - what is a certain one like, what are the docs looking for, what's the average range of laboratory vales, etc., etc. Now, we have two sections that deal with these sometimes-scary situations.

It is my hope (and experience with around 20 years' worth of classes, or around 240 student-hours, in Medicinal Chemistry) that this part of the site will gain in popularity, as non-students in the Internet community continue to seek answers to their medical and health-related inquiries.

Important Disclaimer - Please Read!
The data on this page are intended solely for pedagogical purposes, and are not intended to replace medical consultation with a doctor or other healthcare provider. The aim is to help people become informed healthcare consumers and to illustrate what vast data are available on the Internet. Looking through even an excellent web site should never be construed as a substitute or replacement for consultation with your health care profes-sional. Inclusion of or linking to a site does not imply any endorsement of the site, its stated positions, treatment recommendations, or its sponsor.

As always, please use care when consulting a resource such as this, and don't assume that anything you read from an Internet source is the last word, or is even true, in any medical situation. This is especially true for patients who are chronically ill, who have usually been through many treatments for their illness and are often very desperate for anything at all that offers even a glimmer of hope.

These poor folks are the natural prey of a certain type of criminal, who offer cures for incurable conditions with little or no scientific basis. Their ongoing scams of Internet users, via way colorful, happy-looking, professionally-produced web sites, continue to grow. Please don't get sucked in - finding good information is almost as easy as finding propaganda! The difference is that you can learn to differentiate them, and from that point on, you'll be nearly immune to snake-oil frauds and their misleading come-ons. Become an Informed Consumer!


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