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AutoimmuneMom don't let the folksy url fool you - this is a great site for anyone affected by the variety of known autoimmune illnesses. Virtually all articles are written by MDs, RNs, and are both useful and easily readable. AND it's great for Moms with afflicted children too....

Dr. Koop very comprehensive site, with sections on women, teens, etc.; drug info (including recalls),  rotating features.

Healthfinder Government site from DHHS - very nicely organized, with a huge database.

Health Information from NIH, a general portal for all of NIH's information for patients and physicians alike. You can sign up for a free monthly newsletter that highlights current health concerns for Americans.

Internet Mental Health an incredibly broad, extensive resource for any question about the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of mental disorders.  Features pages disorders, medications, diagnosis, research, internet links (very good), and an index.

Johns Hopkins Health After 50 Online over a dozen "resource centers" for topics ranging from breast cancer and depression to stroke and memory.

The Merck Manual the centennial edition of this classic manual of diagnosis and therapy is now online and free.  Published by Merck & Co., this is on the bookshelf of all physicians, nurses, and related health professionals.

Medical Dictionary Merriam-Webster's online dictionary is easy to use, and allows searching by word fragments, usage, and generally makes finding the definitions of medical terms very easy.

Medical Dictionary Cancerweb (U.K.) dictionary, more popular than the Merriam-Webster publication. Extensive hypercrosslinking makes this a really excellent resource.

Medscape This is a very useful clinical medical site that includes peer-reviewed articles, arranged by specialty, and daily medical news for health care providers and consumers.  Heavy focus on cancer and cancer-related issues.

Mesothelioma The #1 online information hub for this grave illness. "Our goal is to provide accurate, usual information that can be used for general informational purposes, and to advocate for a greater awareness of the dangers of asbestos and the realities of mesothelioma."

Online Medical Dictionary from WebMD, this is a fast, accurate dictionary.  Strong negative is a total absence of graphics.

PSL Group (Doctors' Guide) - a summary of very recently published research on medical topics.  You can subscribe to the email edition at no cost; this way you'll receive an update about twice per week with links to each article summarized.  An excellent way to stay abreast of late-breaking medical news.