Here are most of the links from my Firefox (ver. 3.6.13) "Bookmarks Toolbar", and quite a few from here & there. The only ones I removed have to do with hardcore chemistry and other intense science. I did the file this way so you can not only easily cut/paste the text, but also look at the sites just by clicking. If you'd like to suggest improvements, point out errors, drown me in effusive praise, etc. please do it! (click)

If you're not sure what a site is for, just go to it and it'll be self-evident. Enjoy!!

Warning: You may find yourself consuming huge blocks of time without realizing it... ;-)

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Sites are listed in alphabetical order - not in order of preference or recommendation!!
General Table of Contents
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - for those who, for some reason, are not into Adobe© Fireworks, which a recent review called "Photoshop on steroids"
Adobe: Photoshop Support Center
Beginners' Guide to Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials tons of tutorials on fairly specific Photoshop topics. More useful if you're already quite familiar with the software

Bartleby great literature of all kinds
Binsearch USENET index - free audiobooks, movies, etc.
Brainy Quote the best online source of quotes, indexed in many ways
CIA World Factbook everything about any country on earth
Consumer Reports much stuff accessible only to subscribers, but still valuable source of free info
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
updated daily with the work of the world's best cartoonists
very cool even if you're not into astronomy
Entertaining Sites [your mileage may vary]
AFU & Urban Legends Archive [THE source for urban legends and their veracity
Alex Chiu [this guy sure looks certifiable - what do you think?
R. Crumb Website [if you were conscious in the late '60s - early '70s, comic artist R. Crumb and his creations Felix the Cat, Mr. Natural, etc., need no introduction. Here's where he is today
Straight Dope, The [Cecil Adams' answers to those nagging questions that keep you up nights - he is truly amazing
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project [answers all the questions you've ever had about the amazing, eternal Twinkie!
wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions [akin to Cecil Adams' site, but not nearly as clever - still, it's way cool

Fresh Air from WHYY [super interview show

Gas Buddy [find & map current gas station prices anywhere in the US

Google Links [some of the coolest utilities around, and they're virtually all free. NOTE: except for the first two, all search sites are linked to in the simple version; you can select the advanced version from these sites]
Advanced Search
Advanced Image Search has three filters to remove nasty stuff
Books books from fiction to nonfiction, newspapers, magazines, etc.
Calendar track/remember your appointments as well as your friends' and family's
Chrome Google's browser - great for a first draft; extremely fast
Docs really useful; post documents of any kind, setting permissions for who can see and/or edit them
Earth uses high-res. sattelite photography; find anyplace on earth, many great features
the BEST mail program around; one great asset is the best intelligent spam filter around
Health maintain all of your medical records; secure & confidential
one of their best sites; locate any address on earth & get directions, much more
Patent Search the best patent search engine going; that it's free is amazing
Product Search finds sources for anything you want
Scholar the best free engine for searching journals, scholarly papers, etc.
Translate translate any web site into any of >40 languages
YouTube everyone's heard of YouTube!

Illinois Gas Prices can be set for any city in US; see "Gas Buddy" above
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) [the largest, most complete, most incredible movie database on the internet. Intensely cross-linked with reviews (commercial and amateur), cast members, plot summaries & synopses, etc. Take a look!
NetFlix if you don't know about Netflix, you're paying WAY too much for movies...this takes you right to the queue list for immediate-play movies
News Sites [including satire, the only way to stay sane these days..]
BartCop great, funny political satire
Buzzflash updated daily with 30-50 links to important stories
Consortium News site owner Robert Parry is one of the world's great investigative reporters
Crooks and Liars John Amato's virtual online mag....OK, it's a blog!
Democratic Underground expertly edited links to stories, clips, opinions, etc.
Electronic Frontier Foundation a super civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world
Greg Palast one of the great investigative reporters of our time - check him out
The Guardian superlative paper from the UK, where they still have a free press
Make Them Accountable you can guess the type of stories they run...
The Memory Hole exists to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known - want to find something that "mysteriously" disappeared from the net? This is the first place to look
NYC Coalition for Accountability Now trying to open a new investigation of 9/11/01 with subpoena power by petitioning to place a referendum on the ballot in the November 2009 General Election. Live in NYC? GO HERE!!
Open Secrets exposes the effects of money on elections & public policy
Salon one of the best online news/opinion sources
The Smirking Chimp "in dishonor of the worst U.S. President in history - 2001-2009
The Smoking Gun "paving the paper trail"
Take Back the Media focused on the shameful behavior of most US media "news"
911Truth "have accumulated vast practical experience in investigation and in campaigns for education, visibility, media, lobbying, street action and litigation", revealing the truth, lies, deceptions, etc. about the disaster of 9/11/01
Haven't had enough? for the best collection of political links around the world:

NPR Music ever wondered what a very neat piece of music was on NPR, played between news stories, and frustrated because they never identify them?The Onion - America's Finest News Source just keeps getting better as the years go by...
PRI's The World
Rolling Stone
RSDSA [best RSD organization going]
RxList [best site for looking up data on Rx drugs]

SmartWebby [site with tons of free tutorials, etc. about web page design, software instructions, etc. BY THE WAY - I thought this had tutorials to Photoshop, but I was wrong. See the top of this list.]

THB site [the index page, leading to URL below - I like the fractal graphic]

THB Music [some of the things I've learned after being a guitarist for >45 yrs.]

THB, Prof. [my old academic homepage; has links to all of my original link libraries, including those in MedChem, RSD, Researchers in Org. Synth., Org. Chem. Students, WebTools, my research group's super Handbook, etc.]

THB Research Group [my research group's site, with lots of cool stuff; especially check out "Chemical Databases", many of which are free]

THB Research Group Handbook

UIUC Weather

USPS[Post Office]

WILL [one of the best public radio stations in the country; here's where to stream it]

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