I really didn't set out to write a series of link libraries because I was bored. Often, I gather a bunch of links for some project I'm doing, and have gotten pretty good at recognizing the useful links from the myriad of junk out there. Each of my libraries has its own story, but fear not - this is the last you'll hear about them. ;-)

By the way, each link opens a new tab/window. These are not the kind of sites you take just a quick look at! As always, please contact me with errors, suggestions, wild praise, unsolicited donations, etc.

Howard Black

started as part of my Bodywork site, but it's so relevant that I'm including it here.
a collection of links that I consider essential. Your mileage may vary.
a collection of links, enabling users to prepare their own models, animate them, etc.
a site for lay people who want answers to medical questions that they can understand. One of the more popular collections.
a large site with advanced topics in medicinal chemistry, including PK/PD, pharmacology, molecular modeling, QSAR, databases, etc. NOT for neophytes.
useful source for ancillary problems, tests, roadmaps, flashcards, etc.
very large library, started when I began my research career in 1986. Scheduled for major rennovation this spring.
popular compilation of links to sites on RSD, chronic pain, medical data, etc. Underwent major facelift and reorganization in late 2010.
a lightly-organized site with links to everything a webmaster or designer might want. More utilitarian than beautiful, but you'll find what you need. ;-)

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