Welcome to Fitness, Bodywork, and Alternative Therapies

This section actually used to be one very long page, with internal links to find your way around. Turns out that it's not good for web pages to be too long, for several good reasons, so I decided to set this up using frames. Hopefully, you'll find this much easier to navigate. It's not yet complete, but it's close enough to be useful.

This site came into being, like so many of mine, as a collection of bookmarks I accumulated as I was learning and taking classes in many types of bodywork, and also trying to become a better competitive runner. It's designed to help anyone involved in a progressive fitness program but has yet to appreciate the interplay of training, stretching, and bodywork that combine to make you the best athlete you can possibly become without suffering the overuse injuries that plague most amateur (and pro!) athletes.

There's not a hell of a lot to say on the introductory page of a big site like this, so here are some very diverse images I found when researching this and many other similar topics: