On Friday evening, April 23, 2004, Dr. Mike hosted the first group party in quite awhile (since Dr. Black moved to Champaign, actually), and it was great.  The weather cooperated wonderfully, and there was enough food to feed a small country.  Here's the whole crowd:

New graduate student Ragini (left), her friend Suneetha, and about-to-graduate grad. student Prashanth (partially hidden)

A row of very serious eaters - Erin, Mike G., group alum Juls, Anna

Mike G. and Juls, fascinated by something off- camera

New member Aaron (starting in the fall), graduating senior Mace, new member Andy, and Mike G.'s GF Erin.

Mary, Nick, Aaron, Mace, and Andy

Andy, proving that you can be easily entertained by the simplest things, although Erin can't quite see what's so interesting...

The happy host Dr. Mike, enjoying the barbequed chicken that was the hit of the evening.

How warp drives work - here's absolute proof...