Black Research Group - Summer 2005
Weekly Meeting Times with THB
All Meetings Occur on TUESDAY

Note:  These meetings occur only during summer semesters.

Organized by Researcher
Name Day Time
Steve C.
Tuesday 10:00 noon
Drew D.
Tuesday 1:00 pm
Aaron L.
Tuesday 11:00 am
Larry K.
Tuesday 2:00 pm
Mike R. Tuesday 12:30 pm

Organized by Time of Day on Tuesdays
Name Day Time
Steve Tuesday 10:00 am
Dr. Mike
Tuesday 10:30 am
Aaron Tuesday 11:00 am
Tuesday 1:00 pm
Larry Tuesday 2:00 pm

Please Remember the Purpose of these Meetings!

  • there are two main purposes of these get-togethers:
    • to make sure we both understand what the immediate goals are and to solve problems preventing you from achieving them.
    • to keep me up-to-date on your progress.
  • please be prepared to spend five minutes filling me in on what you've done the previous week.  Incidentally, the time to think about this is not on the way to my office.
  • we may or may not discuss how much progress you've made, or, particularly, what obstacles stood in the way of your putting in the time you agreed to. 
  • BRING ALONG your lab notebook, along with any data that are puzzling you, like spectra, TLC chromatograms, poor yields, etc.
  • DO NOT bring chemicals into my office!
  • DO bring a positive attitude!  I don't plan to make these talks into weekly pep rallies.
  • I've done these before, and it was a really enriching experience for the researchers and me.  You'll find that these meetings will be a little like quizzes in my organic classes - they're not that imporant in the big picture, but they keep you progressing.
  • Come in expecting to enjoy yourself, and you will!
  • Come in ready to tell me about all the hardships in your life, and I'll have to tell you about mine.  (And I'll win....)