The Amazing Lab Floor Renovation!
  Christmas Break, 2003
Ever since the Black group took residence of Rm. 4167 (Summer 1986), the condition of the floor has been a major issue.  Tiles were missing everywhere, leaving 1/2" ledges for people to trip over, try to push gas cylinders across, and generally pose a clear safety problem - year after year.  Around eight years later, the physical plant came in and "fixed" the problem by gluing fiberboard squares to replace the missing tiles.  Of course, these came out, one by one.  FINALLY, after 17+ years of the problem, we got a new floor.  And what a beauty!!  Not only is the safety hazard gone, but the white color lightens the lab dramatically, removing the old, dungeon-like darkness.  Check it out!!

These two photos are the "before" situation, just for those of you who might not remember the dark old days.  The physical plant's solution - fiberboard tile replacements - are clearly visible.
Then, after the three-week Christmas Break, look what we returned to find.... WOW!!

The left photo is the view as you enter the double doors to the lab and look a little left, while the right picture is the view if you look to your left.
If you go to the refrigerator in the first photo ("looking NW") and then turn and look back toward the entrance doors, this is what you see. The second view is the adjacent corridor, toward another research- er's desk against the west wall.* 
First, there's a different angle on the second photo ("looking S"), while the second photo is the view from the opposite end of the same corridor (the opposite end of the photo to its left).

Here's a look at much of the whole lab, to give you an idea of what the rest of the lab-with-the-new-floor is looking like these days.  Some things don't change much, do they?

In the right background, Nick is poring over something at his desk, while Dr. Mike is showing Kristy a new lab technique.

[By the way, the different coloration of the two large lab photos is from their being taken in natural light, while the small photos above, taken in the evening, used the overhead fluorescent lights.]

This whole-lab view shows more of the new floor, which, as you can see, we have yet to damage after six mo.!

Kristy looks on as Dr. Mike makes a notation on a vial for a chemical intermediate, while Andy is returning to his work space from the common area where the chemical inventory, scales, etc. are stored.

In the far corner is the only solvent cabinet in the Dept. which is actually vented to hood vacuum, maintaining a constant negative pressure.
*Just above it, the venerable painting of our patron saint is visible. If you don't know the story of this amazing icon, ask any group member....perhaps they'll tell you..