Successful Proposals to the
Undergraduate Research Council
from the Black Research Group


The links below will take you to a selection of proposals submitted to the URC, nearly all of which were successful (in some cases, after the minor revisions noted on the originals).  In no cases are the question numbers present, nor are they formatted so as to fit perfectly onto the proposal form.  They do, however, give you a very good idea of the level at which to pitch your proposal, how to avoid scientific jargon, etc.

You'll see that each proposal is available in doc or pdf format, to give you an idea of the best way to approach the project for you.

Jf_fa95_urc.pdf Jf_fa95_urc.doc
URC_02_Andrea.pdf URC_02_Andrea.doc
URC_02_John.pdf URC_02_John.doc
URC_02_Juls.pdf URC_02_Juls.doc