The Black Research Group - SP 2002
Department of Chemistry
Eastern Illinois University

     Recently, the Graduate School, along with several other offices, sponsored a poster session in the Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois.  It is an annual event, whose primary purpose is to allow legislators to see the level of research and creative actitives which occurs at EIU.  This year, the event took place on Wednesday, March 20 - the week after spring break.  There were several dozen students from Eastern, representating many different disciplines.  The Department of Chemistry was represented by eight students, of which six were from our research group; we presented five posters on our current research work!

    Unfortunately, the event was not as popular as it has been in some previous years, but a number of interested folks still came through; the most notable person was our Representative Dale Righter, who spent a considerable amount of time with a large number of posters.

    Of course, this auspicious occasion was photographically documented!  I wanted the photos to be of a decent size, but didn't place them all on one page, as it would take an eternity to load.  So, use the directory below to choose the photo(s) you'd like to see, and they'll appear in a separate window.

Directory of Springfield Photographs
Adam at his poster
Adam explaining things to some visitors
Jagadish at 
his poster
Mike at his poster with some visitors
Mike with a particularly fascinated visitor
Andrea and Greg at their joint poster
Mike and Jagadish enjoying a discussion
Jody at her poster
Rep. Dale Righter learning about anticholesterol drugs
Andrea showing how to kill a little dead time!
Dale approaching Greg and Andrea's poster
Greg explaining antibiotic synthesis to Rep. Righter
Andrea and Greg making sure Dale's got it right...
Packing up at last!
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