T.H. Black Research Group
Eastern Illinois University

    Over the past decade or so, most major scientific publishers have digitized their publications, including all journal issues since the initial issue of publication.  For those of you too young to have ever wandered from journal to journal, hoping that your issue was there, having to photocopy articles you needed, you'll never know the luxury of the current emerging system.

    Currently, the majority of important journals have completed this Herculean task, but there are still many journals which have digitized only a few years back, and even more have not even started (and, depending on their finances, may never get to start).

    ANYWAY - there are three main sources available to us to get electronic journals, and two must involve me.  In all three cases, try the link directly to the journal collection, but if it fails (which, unfortunately, it does more often than not), go to the main library link and click on the link for "Electronic Journals" - easy to find in all cases.  The three library systems are Booth (the one you can do alone), UIUC (chemistry journals), and UIC (biology and medicine).

  • Booth Library  - direct link to chemistry journal collection.   Our holdings aren't too great, but that's to be expected for a mid-sized university in a state with major funding problem.  Considering that, and the fact that journal subscription prices climb about 10%/yr, we're not doing that badly.


NOTE: For both of the Univ. of IL libraries, you can peruse the libraries' holdings, even up to locating a specific journal article.  You just can't look at or download it, when is where my help comes in.  If you'll find your papers and bring me a list of citations that you've found (or, if you need help finding it, come to me first, and I'll show you!).

If all else fails, you'll have to use the Interlibrary Loan Form, available on-line at Booth.  It's usually quite fast, but you'd better count on a week.

As with all other issues, don't think twice about coming to be for assistance.  This is one area I'm actually really good at (!), and am happy to pass it on.  Good luck!