Ultimate Electronic Journal & Information Suite
by CambridgeSoft

Two Publications from CambridgeSoft:   New Features   Datasheet (edited to include only pages of interest)

    First of all, E-Notebook is NOT a replacement for your lab notebook!  It's an information organization and retrieval system, that is going to solve many of the problems you're all aware of - even the brand-new researchers! 

    As you know, our biggest problem with handing down expertise from one researcher to the next is that, despite my best efforts, some researchers don't maintain lab books that are, uh, pictures of neatness and clarity.  Also, it's been only about three years ago that I started requesting semester reports in digital form (*after* I'd edited them first).  So, unless the work got published in a journal where an Experimental Section is required, or was done by a M.S. student and is thus recorded in her/his thesis, it can be lost.

    Well - that's about to come to a screeching halt!  How would you like a software package where you could look up a reaction done five years ago in our group, and, with one click, you'd get, on one page:
  • the reaction scheme
  • a detailed procedure
  • a reagent list where you fill in the limiting reagent, and all of the other reagent quantities - in g, mL, & mmol - are instantly calculated and guaranteed accurate...
so you just had to copy it all into your book?    Thought so!

    Those of you who are already getting cynical, even at your young ages, are probably thinking, "OK, where's the catch?  Who is going to maintain this thing?"   Well - you are, of course!  BUT - it doesn't require any additional work.  When you turn in your semester reports, we'll just lift out any procedures that we don't yet have, and the procedure's originator will just fill in the reagents with the quantities that are already in their lab books. 

    There will be a new group job, which will be E-Notebook maintenance; it'll be a piece of cake.  The duties will be, once per semester, spend a couple of hours looking through the Experimental Sections of the reports turned in the prior semester
, and abstract new procedures like I've described.  Don't worry, you'll get loads of help from me, until you see how incredibly easy this is.  And, once you've used it a half-dozen times, I guarantee you'll be sold!