prototype catalyst


ionized β-lactone, LUMO

ionized β-lactone, HOMO

dolabelladiene skeleton
marine natural products with
varied, valuable medicinal activity

diazonamide A
extremely active anticancer agent from
marine source; unique core being synthesized
using our DMAP technology


environmentally benign

fish repellant

chiral nucleophilic catalyst

acylated on ring nitrogen by ester frunctionality, to be transferred from enol carbonate oxygen to alpha-carbon

Prof. T. Howard Black
Department of Chemistry
Eastern Illinois University
Charleston, IL 61920-3099

office phone: 217-359-3733
lab phone: 217-581-7473
fax: 217-581-6613

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prototype adenosine 2A2 receptor antagonist, designed to treat neonatal apnea via selective pulmonary stimulation.  Collaborative project with an EIU  pharmacologist who has
developed a reliable animal model
for drug candidate testing.