Number Title Credit/
CHM 1410
General Chemistry II
    The second semester of the general chemistry sequence.  Principles and applications of equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry.  CHM 1415 must be taken concurrently.  Prerequisites: CHM 1310G with a grade of "C" or better and CHM 1315G.
CHM 2040C
Practical Chemistry
    The principle that molecule structure determines chemical and physical properties will be examined for materials encountered in everyday life.  The nature of organic molecules in the home such as cleansers, food, etc., will be emphasized.  No credit toward major or minor in chemistry.
CHM 2430
Survey of Organic Chemistry
    Studies of aliphatic and aromatic compounds with an introduction to the theories of organic chemistry and reaction mechanisms. Prerequisite: CHM (1410C, 1415C) or(1510C, 1515C).  Chemistry majors must elect CHM 2435 concurrently.
CHM 2435
Survey of Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    Laboratory experiments illustrating the major concepts of CHM 2430. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment or prior credit in CHM 2430. No credit towards the chemistry major or Track II of the chemistry minor or for students with prior credit in CHM 2445.
CHM 2440
Organic Chemistry I
    The nomenclature and reactions of major types of organic compounds including alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, and aromatic compounds; stereochemistry; mechanisms of organic reactions; spectroscopy of organic compounds. Prerequisite: CHM (1410C, 1415C) or (1510C, 1515C). Chemistry majors must elect CHM 2445 concurrently.
CHM 2445
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
    An introduction to common laboratory techniques of organic chemistry. Representative reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, and aromatic compounds; spectroscopy of organic compounds. Prerequisites: CHM (1410, 1415) or (1510, 1515); concurrent enrollment or prior credit in CHM 2440.
CHM 2840
Organic Chemistry II
    A continuation of CHM 2440 emphasizing reaction mechanisms, spectroscopic identification and synthetic sequences from a practical and theoretical viewpoint. Required for chemistry majors and for those in the pre-chemical engineering program. Prerequisites: CHM 2440 and 2435.
CHM 2845
Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
    Multistep syntheses, determination of reaction mechanisms and qualitative analysis. Prerequisite: Concurrent (or prior) enrollment in CHM 2840.
CHM 4790
Medicinal Chemistry
    Basic principles of pharmacology, drug-receptor interaction, physicochemical properties as related to biological activity; synthesis of medicinally important molecules including strategic considerations. Prerequisite: CHM 2840 or permission of instructor.
CHM 5410
Graduate Organic Synthesis and Mechanisms
    A study of the mechanisms of reactions and methods of synthesis in organic chemistry. Prerequisite: CHM 2840.
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